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Guest Comic From Jackson Ferrell!


Jackson Ferrell has been here before. Most recently as one of my first featured webcomics! He was kind enough to step in with this guest comic and help me bridge the gap between issues 1 and 2 of The Ultimate Underfold because he’s awesome. Make sure to follow him on your preferred social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/or Tumblr!

Oh and he also made you a bonus panel!



It’s also nice to see the Silver Age Underfold style JB! It’s been a long time.

As for The Ultimate Underfold #2, I’ve got all the thumbnails done. Even the cover is ready to go! I’d just like to build myself a buffer first, but I’m also doing some freelance gigs so it’s been slow going. But it will pick up soon!

I’m looking to launch Issue #2 either next week, or the week after, so like Sam Jackson would say before a hurricane strikes an island full of dinosaurs… “Hold onto your butts.”

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