30 Of My Favorite Comics That I Made Because It’s My 30th Birthday So Deal With It

This is going to be a long post, but it’s special. Today is my 30th birthday.

I told my wife that I needed to do something special and she said, “You should post your 30 favorite comics.” BECAUSE SHE IS A GENIUS. So that’s what I’m doing.  So without further adieu, here’s 30 comics that still make me laugh that I’ve made. This was a fun list to put together.


1. Peeing Out of Context


This was the first comic that performed well and was shared on Reddit.

2. Zombie Role Models


In the words of the Genie in Aladdin, “Bee yourself.”

3. Birthday Solution


This was a birthday present to myself. To stop drawing hands. My how the times have changed.

4. School Sucks


Self deprecation! Woo!

5. Monsters Under Your Bed


I can’t wait for my daughter to ask me about monsters. Looks like I’ve got the conversation under wraps… like the mummy in your CLOSET!

6. Google Demands It


This comic is representative of most of my time as a website owner over the past 6 years.

7. Define “Weird”


There was a short amount of time where V’ger was just sort of in the comics like a bad roommate. It didn’t make any sense, but it still cracks me up.

8. Brain Sucker Bonus Content


This was going to be the start of a series of comics where Brian went through the afterlife to try to save JB… but it’s for the best it didn’t happen.  This is funny though.

9. Sensors Indicate


Brian and his shape-shifting friend go on a trip to prove whether or not Pluto was a planet. I wrote this whole series with my best friend and it was hilarious.

10. Internet Trucks


Is there anything I can truly say about this comic? Wouldn’t want Metallica to hear me.

11. Nobody Loves Odo



12. Sam Loves Frodo


Friendship is magic, you guys.

13. Jesus is the Reason for the Season


I stand by this one.

14. Masterpiece


This comic is more true that I’ll ever admit.

15. Strutting Barefoot


Based on a bit of truth in my life. I was truly doing this and this was my honest response… Judge me all you want. I’ll be the one struttin.

16. Dog Poop


If I had ordered this list in any discernible order, this one would have been at the top. Easily one of my favorites.

17. The Keys to Your Success


If this was truly a choice… hmmmmmm.

18. Prank Call


I love this one. There. I said it.

19. Be Quick!


This one came from a conversation with my dad. Because it is true.

20. Necessities


They always say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The piece missing is “for food.”

21. In the Fuuuuture & Ad Infinitum



So, I guess it’s a bit of a cop out to use two for one, but these two are DIRECTLY connected. So deal with it.

22. Life Outside the Matrix


This was the first bonus comic I ever made and it still cracks me up.

23. Master Chief’s Feelings


This one got posted notably on G4TV’s Attack on the Blog and it made me immensely happy.

24. Remember V’ger?


Let’s just say that this was drawn with a pencil and doesn’t make sense to most people that read it, but for you Star Trek the Motion Picture fans… this should be gold.

25. Link Rescues Zelda… Finally


Nerds pointed out that Link and Zelda were never specifically stated to be in love, BLAH BLAH BLAH. This is funny.

26. Better Sword


This is how I play RPGs.

27. A Fish Tale


This one never got much attention, but I tend to think it is funny. Dark, but funny.

28. Batman Reboot for Internet Audiences



29. Halo 3 Epilogue: Cortana and Chief Forever


Okay, so if you haven’t played Halo, this one is probably a stretch. At the end of the game, Master Chief goes into a stasis chamber… and Cortana just hangs out.



I love TRON, you guys.

BIRTHDAY BONUS: Batman Gets a Puppy

2012-09-20-Batman-Puppy (1)

No one else seems to this this one is very funny, but I laugh every time I read it.

2X BONUS ROUND! (With special bonus points for sentimentality!)

A Gift From God


This is a fact of life. This happens.

Circle of Life


My comic to mark the occasion of my first daughter being born.

Grave Danger


This comic truly happened by my idea changing while I wrote it. It’s sappy, but it’s true.

Having Babies is Hard Work, But Totally Worth It.


And this is the comic I made for the occasion of my second daughter being born. That panel with storks chasing him over the hill is too funny.

And there you have it. 30 of my favorite comics and some bonus ones because I cannot commit to any of these. Fact of the matter is I crack myself up and have for a long time. So this was a ton of fun to compile. Hope you enjoyed it! Happy birthday to me!

Got a favorite I didn’t mention? Put it in the comments!

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