Pencils Done!


This is just a quick update because I am excited about it. I have the rough pencil sketching done for the entirety of my graphic novel project! Which is officially ahead of schedule now! I was pushing to finish by June 30th, but … it’s the 26th! (And to be technical, I’m basically still working on the 25th’s time clock. :P) Boooyah!

So far it is clocking in at 168 pages of comics. Thus making it the longest thing I have ever made (and it’s not even done). For most artists, the rough pencils (usually for staging and page layouts) are the next step  (after finalizing a script). I did a lot of this free-style to a certain extent. I had a very tight outline and wrote and drew straight from there. That said, my next stage is importing files into Manga Studio EX 5 and going over the dialogue.

For me, having a digital version of the dialogue to do edits on is a natural progression. Not to mention, it will make it far easier for my critique group to read because I have awful handwriting!

TL;DN: first draft done. Tons more work to do, but making great progress!

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