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The Tablet Of Destiny – Issue #1 – Cover

The Tablet of Destiny – Issue #1 – Cover

Post Series: Resonance Men

It’s finally here!

Just a bit of information to note:

Premise: A team of old-timey gentlemen have to fight monsters to stop an ancient god from destroying the world!

Resonance Men will be posting simultaneously in multiple places. Feel free to follow along wherever you like it best. Here are your options:

Tapastic | Google+ | Facebook | Tumblr | Patreon (Patrons get to read one month ahead) | Right here

Navigation has changed!

There are arrows on the sides of your screen. These will navigate you through the pages. The right arrow will go to the next page, and the left will go back a page. If you have any problems, please let me know!

This is the first issue in a 5 issue story arc titled The Tablet of Destiny.

Update schedule: Every Monday starting today. However, this can move up to two pages per week if I get to $300/month support on Patreon! Check it out!


Okay. You ready? Let’s do this.


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