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Page 01 – The Amulet

Page 01 – The Amulet

Post Series: Resonance Men

EDIT: Due to a few things, I will be posting an EXTRA page THIS WEEK ONLY on Thursday! So, come back and see page 2 as well! 

Here it is, page 1 of Resonance Men: The Tablet of Destiny, Issue #1. Two weeks in and we’re going strong! Frank’s got a dark past, eh?

If you’d rather not wait a week between posts, consider backing me on Patreon. If I can get to $300/month in contributions, I’ll move to posting twice a week! Not only that, you could read a month ahead of everyone else!


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    1. Thanks, man! I’m pretty excited. It would be great to post twice a week, but… Production time is key!

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