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Page 18 – Dad-blammit!

Page 18 – Dad-blammit!

Funny story: I did some honest-to-God research into 19th century American slang while writing the original script for this story. Most of it was hilarious and some of it was the same.

I had printed out a 19th century American slang dictionary and had it sitting out on my desk at work (because…reasons) and my boss walks by and notices it. He looks very shocked and says, “You can’t have that in here. Put this away.”

Needless to say, I was very confused. I mean, much of it doesn’t even make sense…but then I realized it was open to the section of vulgarities. And most of that stuff hasn’t changed much in 200 years. Ha! Oops.

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying this dad-blammed comic. 🙂

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