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Page 21 – The Alley

Page 21 – The Alley

To say that 19th-century Americans had a few slang versions of “damned” would be an understatement. They were apparently quite worried to use the actual word, but felt very much like using variations thereupon. You can read more about my experience with the 19th-Century American Slang Dictionary here though.

I think you guys are going to like the rest of this chapter.

Speaking of which… If you’d like to get a copy of Chapter 1 in print form, you can pre-order it here! Pre-orders will go towards an initial print run of the 28-page first issue comic book and are open until June 12th, 2015!

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  1. Come now, Frank, The lad was there first. Besides, HE was’t the one who missed the kill–either time. 🙂

    I really like your smoke and fire effects.

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