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No Monsters Under The Bed

No Monsters Under the Bed

Parenting can be hard. It’s good to keep your children grounded with the correct beliefs about monsters.

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  1. It irks me when a potential comic that could be great to read has some screwy navigation system.

    Four words:


    Put those under your comic if you want me to read the damn thing. I’m not going to waste time trying to find your archives or figure out what book is the what.

    I’m sorry this is so caustic, but this is, like, the fourth comic I’ve run into today with some absurd navigation structure that I’m sure makes great sense to the authors and those who have read it for years, and makes absolutely no sense to anyone arriving here for the first time.

    1. Well, I have 2 out of 4! And I’m working on the other two. 🙂

      I’ve had some starts and stops along the way so there have truly been some different comics. I’ll work on a better “New Here?” section because that could help with that.

      1. yeah, Brian. you should have the exact same system as every other comic on the internet. never mind that you’ve done like 5 different versions of this comic that i’m sure aren’t connected to the current one and this new one has no continuity at all. instead of doing the slightest bit of work to see if i like your comic i’m going to be pointlessly mean. i mean, if i have to click something then it’s not at all worth my time.

        seriously, don’t listen to jerks. you know what you’re doing and you’re good at it. maybe you’re not a star but you are exactly what you need to be. once the archive of the new comic gets big enough add in new navigation if you want. or just start over again. it’s not like you haven’t done that before.

  2. To Angry D’s list of navigation links, I would add ‘random’. When I first encounter a comic, I like to sample around a bit.

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