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I have a new book out! God Creates Penguins!

For those of you who don’t know, in 2019 I illustrated a children’s book called God Creates a Snake (written by Charles Peterson). We knew immediately that we wanted to create more in this God Creating Animals series, and so shortly afterward, we started working on the next one.

Well, the pandemic hit and it took a bit longer than expected, but just last month, we dropped God Creates Penguins into the world!

This book is full of art that I’m most proud of. I really wanted to hone in on cute animals, so I’ve been studying all the greats out there, and came up with these two adorable penguins.

In the vein of all of the God Creating Animals books, this one is about the penguins having a short interview with God at the Creation Station before going out into the world. They’ve got a sort of “last chance” to ask any questions they have about themselves and learn the ropes.

I really loved creating these fellas, and I hope you’ll take a chance and get a copy of the book!

You can order a copy of God Creates Penguins here!

You can also read a very nice review of God Creates Penguins from Twirling Book Princess here!

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