Greetings adventurous Fold!

From now on, my guest comics will include these two gentlemen, Abe and Mr. Pennybags. I will be tracking their adventures through the internet, mythology and beyond from here! So, come back to find updates and more exploits!

Up Up Down Down Guest Comic Adventures of Abe and Mr. Pennybags, Sphinx 08.10.11: #1: The Sphinx | Up Up Down Down
Sketch Comedy guest comic, Adventures of Abe and Mr. Pennybags, wizard 09.19.11: #2: The Wizard | Sketch Comedy
Funny Shorts guest comic, Adventures of Abe and Mr. Pennybags, photograph.  10.20.11: #3: The Native | Funny Shorts

Interested in hosting an adventure? Shoot me an email: brian (at) or one of the various other methods of contact that exist! 

If it’s a numbers game for you, I’m told by the makers of Up Up Down Down that this comic got just shy of 10k visits in about 2 days. “Reddit and Stumble are our bread and butter. We usually get one audience, but not the other. Your comic got both.”


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