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Hi! I’m Brian Russell. I’m the cartoonist of The Underfold webcomic. I’m also a husband, rad dad (of 3 kiddos), and a big ol’ nerd.

The Underfold as a website and a comic has been through a few iterations over the years, so I created this page to help you navigate through and find what you’re looking for! The links below will get you to current comics, storylines, and archived content!

Will you help me make more comics? By becoming a patron, you significantly help me and my family with business and living costs, while getting fun stuff in return!

Check out the reward tiers for specifics, but you can get a cartoon portrait in my style, become a recurring character in the comics, everyone gets more comics, faster than everyone else, and more!

Currently Running

Corporate Hello is the story of a dad who needs a job. This comic is exclusive to Patreon Members. The first chapter is available for free.



The All-New Underfold started in January 2016 and is a comic about parenting, work, D&D and awkwardness.

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On hiatus…

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Supernatural Comix

Comics about the TV show, Supernatural, episode by episode.

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The one that started it all…