2013-06-02-Cover-We-Could-Be-HeroesThe Underfold started online in 2008 as a gag-a-day comic strip. As of 2012, the comic strip has ended. In 2013, the comic has relaunched as a humorous, long-form online comic book called The Ultimate Underfold: the story of Brian and his friends unwittingly saving the world, but from what?

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(from a Creator Spotlight on YourWebcomics.com)

I was working for a church setting up on Sunday mornings and was tasked with putting the coffee out. People were confused about which carafe was for which type of coffee (even though the decaf was labeled), so I began writing humorous things on index cards to both help people know what was what, and also to make fun of things. After a few too many “risque” (for a church) jokes, I was asked not to write jokes on the signs anymore. Fans of the jokes kept asking for them, so I hid them inside the folded index cards (under… the fold, if you will). I eventually made the change to comic strip format and it took on a life of its own.

After a while, I wanted more people to be able to read them, so I started to scan them in and post them on my Facebook profile. Then it was a Facebook group, then a Blogger blog, and eventually transitioned into a WordPress-based website. It wasn’t until I was on Blogger that I realized that there was a subculture of comics being posted online called webcomics. It felt sort of like at the end of Land Before Time (SPOILERS) when the three kid dinosaurs find that “promised land” and have families and community. I was home. The rest is history.

After 4 years of story-lines and changes and shifts, I really wanted to give people something they could “start” from the beginning. Watching DC do the New 52 was pretty inspirational too.

The reboot is basically a different universe than the original Underfold comics, but dealing with the same characters. If ever you’ve read Marvel comics, then you understand this mentality already.The characters will be basically the same, but I’m starting from the beginning of their journey, and taking them on a full adventure on story arc at a time, and in honor of one of my favorite Marvel alternate universes, I’m calling it The Ultimate Underfold.

So, where the old “Silver Age” Underfold comics were strip-based, This is a long-form comic with pages and issues and everything. It’s a pretty drastic shift for me, but over the last year or two, I’ve just fallen in love more with graphic novels. This is my way to make some while still maintaining my webcomic roots. I’m not doing away with the gag-a-day quality though (at least I’m not trying to…).

The Ultimate Underfold

The Ultimate Underfold is about Brian and his friends as they unwittingly save the world… but from what?

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Silver Age Underfold

From the beginning, click here. If you’re still reading and didn’t click that link, you should know that this comic has been a work in progress, and it started very rough. Pencil and index cards rough. Not to say that there aren’t gems in there, you’ll just have to forgive the artwork. You should check out the first The Underfold book, which includes the first 2 years of the comic and author commentary for nearly every single strip! Buy one today!

Feel like skipping around?

Here’s some of my favorite storylines (or just ones that I felt were important for one reason or another):

  1. JB’s Facebag (why JB wears a bag on his head)
  2. JB’s Son (where Fred and Eye came from)
  3. Conformity (when I switched to standardized comic layout)
  4. The Multiverse (how everything got put back together)
  5. Tentacles (when Brian and JB got tentacles for arms)
  6. Zombies! (the first apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  7. Robot from the Future (the second apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  8. Alien Invasion! (the third apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  9. Selling Out (when dimensional differences catch up)
  10. The Effects of Caffeine Withdrawal (where Brian is trapped in a dreamworld)
  11. Rob, the Shape-Shifter (where we meet Rob for the “first” time)
  12. Copyright Infringement (when Brian and Rob get into a disagreement that leads to cats)
  13. Planetary Alignment (the end)


  1. BONUS COMICS! (random comics that don’t have anything/much to do with the story)
  2. Bunny Foo Foo Adventures (written by children, drawn on the fly)
  3. Dr. Wiley’s Employment Assistance Center (comics within the Mega Man universe drawn by Rob)

… and that pretty much does it!

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