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The Silver Age Underfold ran from June 2008 – July 2012. It went through tons of changes, but was always absurd. Start from the beginning!

If you’re still reading and didn’t click that link, you should know that this comic has been a work in progress, and it started very rough. Pencil and index cards rough. Not to say that there aren’t gems in there, you’ll just have to forgive the artwork. You should check out the first The Underfold book, which includes the first 2 years of the comic and author commentary for nearly every single strip! Buy one today!

Feel like skipping around?

Here’s some of my favorite storylines (or just ones that I felt were important for one reason or another):

  1. JB’s Facebag (why JB wears a bag on his head)
  2. JB’s Son (where Fred and Eye came from)
  3. Conformity (when I switched to standardized comic layout)
  4. The Multiverse (how everything got put back together)
  5. Tentacles (when Brian and JB got tentacles for arms)
  6. Zombies! (the first apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  7. Robot from the Future (the second apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  8. Alien Invasion! (the third apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  9. Selling Out (when dimensional differences catch up)
  10. The Effects of Caffeine Withdrawal (where Brian is trapped in a dreamworld)
  11. Rob, the Shape-Shifter (where we meet Rob for the “first” time)
  12. Copyright Infringement (when Brian and Rob get into a disagreement that leads to cats)
  13. Planetary Alignment (the end)
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