Silver Age Underfold

The Silver Age Underfold ran from June 2008 – July 2012. It went through tons of changes, but was always absurd. Start from the beginning!

If you’re still reading and didn’t click that link, you should know that this comic has been a work in progress, and it started very rough. Pencil and index cards rough. Not to say that there aren’t gems in there, you’ll just have to forgive the artwork. You should check out the first The Underfold book, which includes the first 2 years of the comic and author commentary for nearly every single strip! Buy one today!

Feel like skipping around?

Here’s some of my favorite storylines (or just ones that I felt were important for one reason or another):

  1. JB’s Facebag (why JB wears a bag on his head)
  2. JB’s Son (where Fred and Eye came from)
  3. Conformity (when I switched to standardized comic layout)
  4. The Multiverse (how everything got put back together)
  5. Tentacles (when Brian and JB got tentacles for arms)
  6. Zombies! (the first apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  7. Robot from the Future (the second apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  8. Alien Invasion! (the third apocalypse scare of The Underfold)
  9. Selling Out (when dimensional differences catch up)
  10. The Effects of Caffeine Withdrawal (where Brian is trapped in a dreamworld)
  11. Rob, the Shape-Shifter (where we meet Rob for the “first” time)
  12. Copyright Infringement (when Brian and Rob get into a disagreement that leads to cats)
  13. Planetary Alignment (the end)

Battery Issues (REDUX)

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Brain Sucker Bonus Content

Greetings longing Fold! I was looking through a notebook of mine and found the original script for this, then remembered that I had actually sketched it up! So, here you are, in all of its glory… I realized after showing it to someone, that not everyone had heard this kid’s joke before. Basically, you walk… Read More »Brain Sucker Bonus Content

What Happened?

Greetings curious Fold! What happened? Speculations… go! -bman

Good News Bad News

Greetings good news Fold! There are only a few more comics left in this series about Pluto and The Underfold before my break. Click here to catch up on this storyline! Also, there are less than 70 hours (as of the writing of this post) to help out with my Kickstarter campaign! Only a bit… Read More »Good News Bad News

Destruction Junction

Greetings destructed Fold! This is almost the end of this storyline, and I have some actual news for you which may be sad. Are you sitting down? After some thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to take a little break from the comic, but not fully a break. My goal is to pull a DC Comics and… Read More »Destruction Junction

Future Irritant

Greetings problem-solving Fold! If you could see into the future, what do you think you would get rid of now? For the beginning of this storyline: click here. -bman PS. There’s only 11 days left on my Kickstarter! It’s my birthday on Saturday, it would be the best present ever if we got this book… Read More »Future Irritant

The American Dream

Greetings dreamy Fold! Will Brian and Rob ever make it to Pluto? What will JB’s new name be now that he has god-like abilities? Is the American Dream really to become a vengeful god? What other secrets will be revealed?! To start afresh with the Pluto storyline, click here. -bman PS. Only 16 more days for… Read More »The American Dream

Of Mortals and Gods

Greetings mortal Fold! Yes, this is an intentional homage. Also, poor Julius. I think the last time we saw Julius he was saving the world from zombies… sort of. Also, please spread the word about my Kickstarter for my children’s book about dinosaurs! -bman

Glowy Cube

Greetings glowy Fold! Sorry for all the missed posts and delays. Got introduced to some stomach bugs over the weekend and they decided to hang out with me on Monday and Tuesday, much to my chagrin. But, I digress. If you’re confused about what’s happening, you can check out the beginning of this storyline by… Read More »Glowy Cube


Greetings descending Fold! After a nice vacation, I’m back! Thanks for not leaving! I’m going to try to thicken this plot up real good before this is all over, so we’re going to need your attention! If you need a refresher, you can click here to start this series from the beginning. Also, the Kickstarter for… Read More »Descent


Greetings sneaky Fold! My how the plot thickens! Links for reference: Alien Invasion, Shape-Shifter, and the beginning of this storyline. -bman PS. Starting tomorrow, I’m out of town with no internet access. So, please forgive any missed updates and silence on social media.

Sensors Indicate

Greetings sensing Fold! If you’re wondering what in the world is happening, check out the beginning of this new storyline about Pluto: Planetary Alignment! Also, check out the info about the Dino-Kickstarter starting on June 1st and see how you can help! -bman


Greetings hyper-Fold! Someone explain the physics of whether or not you would actually feel a kick from a hyperdrive in space. Science? -bman PS. Find out how you can help with the launch of my Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

The Spaceship

Greetings space-travelling Fold! Let’s all make some jokes about spaceship anuses. -bman PS. Kickstarter for What I Remember About Dinosaurs begins June 1st, 2012.

Planetary Alignment

Greetings planetary Fold! Where were you when Pluto got demoted? -bman

KONY 2012

Greetings satirical Fold! I hope that for the sake of all the people affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army that someone makes a difference. I know the KONY 2012 video shot into the “most viral video ever” title quickly, but was almost as quickly drowned out by cynicism and then after the director of Invisible… Read More »KONY 2012

Timing is Everything

Greetings defecating Fold! The situation could be anything. Okay, here’s our game for today: Caption the three frames while creatively avoiding the usage of obvious poo-related words (also avoid swearing, if possible). -bman PS. Also, credit for the hovertext quote goes to this amazing video.

So Many Cat Anuses

Greetings sleepy Fold! Well, animation has been a fun little side quest for me, but I am calling it quits on that business. What subjects will put you to sleep when people talk about them? -bman PS. Don’t forget to get your free teaser desktop background to help promote my upcoming children’s book, What I… Read More »So Many Cat Anuses

Mega Cat

Greetings Mega Fold! Quick! Let’s name all of the shows where a group of people/things combine into one thing! -bman (PS – Check out the free background, and the not-so-free new shirt!)

Cat Karma

Greetings merciful Fold! The lesson for today’s comic is that you don’t kill cats…they kill you. -bman

Cat Solution

Greetings final Fold! Should we be concerned that lasers seem far too easy to either construct or buy in movies? Just sayin’. -bman

The Trouble With Cats

Greetings troublesome Fold! Isn’t it just like cats to randomly start multiplying? It’s almost like the tipping point for cat ownership comes at two. Then you’re picking up strays. Gathering your herd. (Relevant) Oh, hey! And the review mentioned is real. And, it’s appropriate that I mention it in the comic because his major complaint… Read More »The Trouble With Cats

Soapbox Boredom

Greetings preachy Fold! Who will stand up for the cats whose likenesses are used everywhere without permission? Maybe this guy: Hank for Senate. Anyway, are you guys happy I’m back? I am. I’m also 9 page-spreads from being done with the interior of What I Remember About Dinosaurs! Wooo! -bman

Copyright Infringement

Greetings infringing Fold! Copyright infringement is bad. Cloning is also potentially bad, but for now… Let’s name all the movies where there was a clone in it. GO. -bman

Internet Trucks

Greetings legit Fold! Don’t read into this. Stealing is totally wrong. OH! AND WE ARE BACK BABY! Name the movie the hovertext is from! -bman

From the Mouths of Babes

Greetings baby-centric Fold! Okay, okay. So I said yesterday that the guest-comic-a-palooza was over… but… we had a late entry from The Obscure Gentlemen, and I think it’s highly worth it! I can’t always–ahem–recommend their webcomic, but it is funny if you’re okay with vulgarity. Enjoy this bonus guest comic. PS. If you follow me on… Read More »From the Mouths of Babes

King Halo And The Robot Misters

Greetings laser-armed Fold! Did you know that pretty much any time of the day, you can grab your arm and start shouting “Pew pew pew” like there’s a Samus or Mega Man style laser on your arm? YOU CAN. Anywho, this continued guest comic is brought to us from long-time Underfold friend MikeP from the… Read More »King Halo And The Robot Misters

Who’s That Pokemon

Greetings poke-Fold! Today’s Pokemon-relevant guest comic is from The Underfold’s long-time friend, MikeP of the Meekrat Entertainment Group! It’s also a two-parter and will be continued on Thursday! Make sure you come back for the epic conclusion! -bman

Tasty Tentacles

Greetings tasty Fold! Today’s guest comic is another one that makes me question my talent as a cartoonist, but just because I love it so much! It comes from Justin of Jbabb Comics. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite webcomics, so check it out! -bman

The Fourth Wall

Greetings currently-reading-this-sentence Fold! The fourth wall is something that I have never liked. It’s boring for all my intents and purposes. This guest comic comes from Cj, a fan on Facebook! He gets me. -bman

24th Dimension

Greetings tentacled Fold! Here’s a guest comic from Dave Finton who draws The 24th Dimension! Good to see everyone enjoying getting to draw characters with tentacles instead of hands. It’s nice to know that I’ve left a suction-cupped mark on the world. -bman

Drawing Hands by Kyatt

Greetings handsy Fold! This guest comic is by Kyatt of friggin’ Beeserker (one of my top 5 favorite webcomics)! And I, for one, vote that he draws The Underfold forever now. I mean… this is fantastic. But I digress. If you didn’t get the memo, for the next few weeks (?) I will be hosting wonderful… Read More »Drawing Hands by Kyatt

LOST Valentines

Greetings loving Fold! On this merry Valentine’s Day, I decided to remember a long-lost, former love of mine, LOST. Maybe tonight’s the night where I tell my wife, “Baby, I think it’s time we watched it all over again.” It’s what she’s been waiting for, I’m sure. -bman

Sam Loves Frodo

Greetings loving Fold! The “Still a better love story than Twilight” meme is great. You should check it out. Then watch this video about Sam and Frodo. -bman

Nobody Loves Odo

Greetings deep space Fold! Sorry for the missed update on Tuesday. I hope  you’ll forgive me in light of all the sketches I’ve been posting from the work I’m doing on my children’s book (about what I remember about dinosaurs). Anywho… Odo. AMIRIGHT!? -bman

Mail Truck

Greetings truckin’ Fold! Does your mailman (for those of you who have seen them) have a mail truck? Discuss. -bman

Mailmen of Yore

Greetings old Fold! Have you had the same mailman for a long time? Would you even know if you did? -bman

If you even remotely like The Underfold… Fight SOPA and PIPA

Greetings ******** Fold! I’m not doing this just because everyone else is. If you even remotely like The Underfold, then sign Google’s petition against SOPA and PIPA, because what is under the fair-use law for parody will likely no longer hold up to this legislation, and my site will likely be shut down. Just sayin’.… Read More »If you even remotely like The Underfold… Fight SOPA and PIPA

Smart Shifter

Greetings smart Fold! Poor Brian just doesn’t understand. If you were a shape-shifter, what would you be on a regular basis? -bman

Community Benefits

Greetings benefits-driven Fold! This is a bit downplayed, but here’s the first human face since Julius. Hope you enjoy! -bman

The Science of Celery

Greetings nutritious Fold! Sorry for the late update. Life beckons. I will be posting some of my favorite responses I got from social media when I said, “Comic should be up sometime tonight. What will you do in the meantime? (please exaggerate)” -bman

Of Reunions and Shape-Shifters

Greetings shifty Fold! It’s a new year, and we’ve gone a long time without introducing any new characters. And, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this Rob character has been around since the beginning. Making him a shape-shifter means that he can literally be anything in the background. A couch,… Read More »Of Reunions and Shape-Shifters

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Greetings virginal Fold! Last year’s offensive Christmas was pretty spectacular. You should go check it out. Other than that, have a merry Christmas weekend to all of you who’re off. And to those about to file into your jobs that make you work on the holidays, we salute you. You make escaping family functions possible,… Read More »Jesus is the Reason for the Season


Greetings researching Fold! I heard a lesson once that you should always write as if your work were great. Never pander to the “poor me” demographic. Oops. -bman

Flawless Victory

Greetings victorious Fold! This concludes our November storyline! Hope you enjoyed Brian’s dreamworld and all the blood and carnage! It’s been a fun ride, but now we head back into regularly scheduled updates and black and white comics. If you really  liked the color comics, and the three-a-week posting, then buy some shirts (or 4),… Read More »Flawless Victory


Greetings killtacular Fold! The November series finale is tomorrow (in December, I know. Shut up.)! I realize that there are more people that I’ve made fun of, but use your imagination and tell me how you’d kill the rest. Then, let’s just make that canon. References for this montage: Master Chief: Master Chief’s Feelings How… Read More »Killamanjaro

Murder Montage

Greetings murdering Fold! Continuing our November storyline! Finishes up this week, then it’s back to black and white and two a week. References for this strip are as follows (please know that there are plenty of other references, but these are the most direct ones): Superman: Superman is a jerk Superman crashes at Batman’s house Superman… Read More »Murder Montage

Criticism Makes You Stronger

Greetings trolling Fold! Continuing our November storyline! I’m pretty sure making fun of people was what Al Gore created the internet for. Anyway, I also created a new shirt for those of you who are like me and want to watch Die Hard and Gremlins instead of It’s a Wonderful Life or 24 hours of… Read More »Criticism Makes You Stronger

Chicken Shield

Greetings chicken Fold! Continuing our November storyline! Due to poor planning on the part of the Pilgrims, The Underfold will actually be posting on Thanksgiving. Although, it’s highly encouraged that you check it out anyway. I think you’ll like it. Maybe. Also, I made this shirt just for those of us who want to watch Die… Read More »Chicken Shield

Attack Of The Master Of Time

Greetings master-Fold! Continuing our November storyline with Brian asleep at work! Can’t say I didn’t warn you, and next week… there’s tons more violence, blood and murder! Wooo! For reference, I have parodied Navi, Link and the Legend of Zelda in the following comics: Poor Link Triforce Pizza Link Rescues Zelda… Finally Not So Link… Read More »Attack Of The Master Of Time

How To Wake Up

Greetings sleepy Fold! Continuing our November storyline with Brian asleep at the office! Here is your last warning if you’re not a fan of violence and blood… For everyone else, “Oh…oh heck yes.” -bman

The Caffeine Wizard

Greetings wizarding Fold! Continuing our November storyline of Brian sleeping at his desk. Not to give any spoilers, but if violence isn’t your thing… then you should tune out on this strip. It’s all downhill from here. For everyone else, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? -bman

The Mountain Temple

Greetings wizarding Fold! Continuing our November storyline that started on Tuesday! Just a reminder, we’re going to be posting 3 comics per week. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday! Also, if you like The Underfold, you should support it by buying a book! -bman

Helpful Tutorial

Greetings helpful Fold! This is a continuation of the newest storyline and the start of three per week posts! Enjoy! Who/what is the most unhelpful tutorial character? -bman

The Effects Of Caffeine Withdrawal

Greetings caffeinated Fold! This kicks off a whole new storyline to fill your every desire! This time, it’s infused with caffeine. Perhaps this has come from my sleep deprived mind, but don’t worry. It’s my best mind. What’s your favorite coffee? -bman

Scarry Halloween

Greetings children’s book-loving Fold! This is outside of our regular schedule, and doesn’t affect anything at all. For some reason, I felt like giving a tribute to the late Richard Scarry for this Halloween special. And all for a silly joke. Worth. It. -bman Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt this weekend with FREE SHIPPING!… Read More »Scarry Halloween

Strutting Barefoot

Greetings struttin’ Fold! This comic is both about a real thought that crosses my mind every time I walk my dogs barefoot around our neighborhood, and about one (of two) of my favorite internet memes. Can’t get enough Strutting Leo! What’s your favorite meme? -bman Also, if you like The Underfold, order yourself an Underfold… Read More »Strutting Barefoot

Video Game Violence

Greetings fallout-surviving Fold! I like Fallout: New Vegas. -bman

Circle Of Life


Dog Poop

Greetings fiber-filled Fold! Come to think of it… I’ve done a number of toilet and poop jokes (even a guest comic about it). I’ll accept my Eisner award now, please. -bman

A Matrix Of Confrontation

Greetings machine-powering Fold! The finale of our September storyline! Hoooorraaayyyy! Have a great weekend! -bman PS. I still love The Matrix.

Finding Brian

Greetings found Fold! Continuing our September storyline! And if you’re wondering why this seems familiar… -bman

He’s Not That Bad

Greetings surprised Fold! Well, maybe you didn’t notice, but when my tablet died, I thought I had only finished up to Tuesday’s comic. Which was extra disappointing last night when I found out that my donation “event” had closed earlier than I thought and that I’d been promoting a closed fundraiser. *sigh* However, this morning,… Read More »He’s Not That Bad

Dead Like Spider Man

Greetings alive Fold! Continuing our September storyline (which started here) and poking fun at the death of Spider Man while we do it. Also, don’t forget to check out where Abe and Mr. Pennybags went yesterday! -bman PS. If you didn’t hear, my tablet died. There’s one day left to help me get a new… Read More »Dead Like Spider Man

Could It Be?

Greetings questioning Fold! Still keeping up with our September storyline, but now adding some old backstory into the fray. If you’re lost, check out the New Reader page to help you get caught up! -bman

Robot Lore

Greetings urban-mythological Fold! As we continue our September storyline (which started here), the plot thickens! If you’re confused by this comic, you’re going to have to do a bit of archive-diving into… The Forbidden Zone. Actually… it’s not forbidden at all. It’ll help you understand the lore behind today’s comic. For some quick archival reference… Read More »Robot Lore

Business Management

Greetings business Fold! Continuing our September storyline that started last Thursday. Get caught up! You’re not far behind! The plot thickens on Tuesday, but in the spirit of business lunches, you should grab yourself a Brown Baggin’ It shirt. -bman


Greetings normal Fold! We continue our September storyline that started last Thursday! Enjoy! -bman Also, if you’re on Facebook and enjoy The Underfold, make a public statement about it by becoming a fan!

Selling Out

Greetings marketable Fold! Thus starts this month-long story arc all about selling out created for fans of the regular comic! No spoilers from me! You’ll just have to come back to find out what happens. -bman ALSO: If you like The Underfold, please show some support by liking us on Facebook, following me on Twitter,… Read More »Selling Out

The Keys To Your Success

Greetings engaging Fold! Maybe it’s like supply and demand? I’m not sure, but I think I’m going to be a success! -bman

Sketchbook Diaries

Greetings sketching Fold! A bit of background: two weeks ago, I lost my sketchbook (left it on an airplane). The airline found it, and somehow found that it was mine. Called me and shipped it back! I got excited about seeing it again, but I have new sketchbooks… Then I thought of this comic… -bman

Politics… It’s That Time Again

Politics… AMIRIGHT!?

Be Quick!

Greetings budgeting Fold! I love my wife, but I have to be quick. -bman

Prank Call

Greetings pranking Fold! All the usual gang is back and ready for some prank call action. Trying to decide what sort of schedule would be best for posting BONUS COMICS (because 9/10 of my highest visits all year were to BONUS COMICS…) without alienating my main characters and the coolest regular readers of all time… Read More »Prank Call

A Gift From God

Greetings fatherly Fold! This comic is based on the other day when I suddenly thought that I had more chest hair than usual and attributed it to becoming a dad. There’s also an alternate last panel. -bman

Will Traffic For Spam

Greetings Harry Potter Fold! Google+ has been Transformers lately. I can’t believe  that it went all Casey Anthony in the Arab Spring. Weird that Justin Bieber was there to Halo and Call of Duty all over the place. So weird. This comic is sponsored, in part, by The Oatmeal School of Marketing. Tomorrow, please come… Read More »Will Traffic For Spam

Origins: Epic

Greetings epic Fold! What better way to follow up my sensitive, sappy, heartwarming last comic than to make a poop joke. If I’d had one more frame, Brian would be saying, “Oh. Yeah. Okay.” But I don’t and it doesn’t matter anyway. The funny part is the poo. Anywho, I feel the word “epic” has… Read More »Origins: Epic

Grave Danger!

Greetings time-travelling Fold! If you’re following me on Twitter, or hanging out with us on Facebook, then you saw that I had a random idea that you encouraged me to turn into a strip. This is not that idea. This was another random idea I had because of all of the job searching I’ve been… Read More »Grave Danger!

Mustache Birthday

Greetings birthday Fold! This month has been the three year anniversary for The Underfold! And, if I had stuck to my schedule, I would have hit my 400th episode on June 29th… but we’ll just save that special for another day. What’s something you love to do on your birthday? -bman

Roadhouse Mentality

Greetings blaming Fold! The 80’s and 90’s were filled with awesome movies where one guy would destroy whole rooms full of people with his hands and guns if necessary. Let’s name as many as we can! Also: TODAY ONLY there’s FREE SHIPPING on ALL shirts by using this code: T-DAY2011 and T-DAY2011CAD (for Canada) –bman

They’re silent letters

Greetings immature Fold! Today’s comic was inspired by my honest-to-God immaturity. I was in Walmart and saw a fan made by “Bioneers” and giggled. Then, I realized that I do this with pretty much any word that has a humorous word buried within it. It doesn’t matter how many extra letters you put in there.… Read More »They’re silent letters

What Gets Left Behind

Greetings old skool Fold! This feels more like it. -bman

Stop Worrying

Greetings whistling Fold! Let’s name all the movies (or television show) where a nuke is used to destroy an alien vessel! Go! -bman

Origins: Tentacles for Arms

Greetings time-conundrum Fold! I’d always liked the Terminator movies. I liked the idea that the whole thing was one big cyclical thing that couldn’t exist without itself. Until one day, someone pointed out that John Connor totally sent his best friend back in time to bang his mom. It’s all downhill from there. Tentacles and all. What’s… Read More »Origins: Tentacles for Arms

Origins: In Your Dreams

Greetings dreaming Fold! These are definitely bringing me back to my roots. You guys only really know JB for his bag-faced antics and being made fun of… but once upon a time, he was the cold water splashing into the face of Brian’s unquenchable dreams and imagination. -bman

Origins: JB can see into the future

Greetings original Fold! Some of you have no clue what the original The Underfold strips looked like in real life. This is close to it. Drawn in pen on index cards, spattered with the coffee of shaky-handed church folk. This was even before JB donned his bioelectric facebag, tentacle arms, and Brian’s complete face overhaul.… Read More »Origins: JB can see into the future

Schwarzenegger is Out Of Office and Out Of Work

Greetings desperate Fold! Have you seen the news that Arnold is “shopping” scripts for like 15 movies now that he’s done with governing (or trying depending on where you stand on it. I’m in FL, so I don’t care). It’s kind of sad because they’re all movies that have moved on from his “reign.” Next… Read More »Schwarzenegger is Out Of Office and Out Of Work

Eyes Wide Open

Greetings agape Fold! For those of you who may not have figured it out, the answer to your question is, I crafted a storyline that has resulted in Eye now having an opening that will function as a mouth. This is how I roll. -bman

Giving Birth To An Alien

Greetings disturbed Fold! For those of you who are disgusted by this comic, well, at least it’s over, right? The alien “birth” had to happen, but now we can all move on. The real question is… what happened to Eye? -bman

It’s Like Popping A Pimple

Greetings popping-Fold! For reference, alien gestation periods are all subjective. The first instance lasted a while to build up suspense and surprise. Subsequent usages of the same facehugger strategy sometimes only last minutes, as in Alien Vs. Predator. Also, a bit of news: I will likely be going to a two-a-week schedule sometime in the… Read More »It’s Like Popping A Pimple

Of Objections And Realities

Greetings auxiliary Fold! It’s not like they weren’t warned. What are some of your favorite auxiliary character deaths? -bman

Almost There…

Greetings pregnant Fold! That is a solid sentient eyeball joke right there. -bman

I Have My Reasons

Greetings lazy Fold! (The hovertext today is inspired by this video. It’s my favorite.) Here’s a test for you hardcore members of the Fold: What are some things/events that exist/happned in The Underfold purely out of laziness? -bman (If you’re having a hard time thinking of some, you should probably buy the book, Best Apocalypse… Read More »I Have My Reasons

Market Value

Greetings valued Fold! If you were the commander of an alien invasion, what would you destroy first and why (be creative)? -bman

Things Are Looking Worse

Greetings critical Fold! Remember, years ago, seeing trailers for Alien vs. Predator and thinking, yesss. What could possibly go wrong with them combining two of the best alien franchises together into one cake of awesome? Right? Do you remember thinking it? Yeah. They made two. That’s on us. -bman

Sensitive Subject

Greetings reunited Fold! Here’s some exciting news: THE BOOK IS OUT!! You can purchase it at or at CreateSpace. Either way, GO NUTS! Also, no matter where you buy one (or if you do), would you be awesome and leave a review on Amazon? Maybe a blog review? Oh, and if you’re into this… Read More »Sensitive Subject

What A Mouthful

Greetings sexy Fold! The site will likely be down on Friday going into the weekend (following Jesus’ example for Easter weekend) because we are switching hosting companies. 😀 EDIT: Turns out that the process should have ZERO downtime, so COMICS BACK ON! So, I am going to take that time to catch up on my… Read More »What A Mouthful

Worrying Enough

Greetings hugging Fold! Fans of the Alien anthology may recognize this little number. -bman

Plot Device

Greetings plotting Fold! This is a lesson in story-telling, and a thrilling cliff-hanger for the weekend! -bman

Eye Spy With My One Eye

Greetings technical Fold! Will we ever figure out how Fred is moving? Will we find out what Eye spies? Find out next time on The Underfold! Have I mentioned that I love Eye and Fred? -bman

Hope For No Jawas

Greetings homaged Fold! Please get this homage. Please. -bman

Have Fun!

Greetings lonely Fold! Fred and Eye are about to embark on a fun adventure! What are you doing this weekend? -bman

Choose Your Own Adventure

Greetings adventurous Fold! I figure it’s about darn time we followed an adventure that Fred and Eye would take if they had to. Before, we only caught a glimpse, but now, they’re going to get some screen time! I hope you’re enjoying the alien invasion storyline. I hope I’m not wearing it out. I’m having… Read More »Choose Your Own Adventure

Logical Snacks

Greetings snack-sized Fold! Let’s be logical for a minute.  People don’t seem to understand that everything is destroyed in an apocalypse scenario. Most of the vegetation is gone, livestock (especially in an alien scenario since aliens seem to hate cows) dies out and the only things left to eat are your friends, family and strangers.… Read More »Logical Snacks

Abide Posted Signs

Greetings abiding Fold! So, my “new method” I was going to try out last night went awry. I was attempting to use Illustrator to make my comic… I don’t like it. I don’t like that it doesn’t actually draw what you draw. Maybe in the future, I could practice more, but for right now, Photoshop… Read More »Abide Posted Signs

Daily Reminders

Greetings valued Fold! In the movies, there’s always the selfless hero who goes above and beyond to sacrifice himself (generalization) for the good of the group. It happens, but I think the norm is watching out for yourself. On the bright side, Eye is terrible about remembering things. What do you think of the new… Read More »Daily Reminders


Greetings tasty Fold! Would you leave your friends in an apocalyptic situation? Why or why not? -bman

Oh The Humanity!

Greetings talkative Fold! With all these different angles than usual, you’d think I was directing an indie film! I’m just trying to stretch myself a bit more than I have in the past. I’m thinking it’s for the best. Also, I’m going to try to have something to hand out to people tomorrow at MegaCon… Read More »Oh The Humanity!


Greetings logical Fold! I went out on a limb with this one. I’m pushing myself to try different things with this storyline, and it’s taking time. I sure hope you’re enjoying it. I know I am. 😀 By the way… ACTION IS COMING! -bman  

Self Image

Greetings image-centric Fold! Can you come up with a more apt description than tall babies? -bman

Composer Of The Stars

Greetings frugal Fold! John Williams is probably the most appropriate for an alien invasion given his track record with alien-based films. Six Star Wars films, 3 Superman films, E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to name a few! Who else could beat that? -bman

Water, Religion, Or Moms

Greetings contemplative Fold! There’s nothing quite like an alien movie where they feel the need to make sense of an alien invasion. Even if it’s not until the very end… As if it really matters. Is anyone really sitting there thinking, If they don’t explain why they’re there, this movie just isn’t believable. I’m all… Read More »Water, Religion, Or Moms

Of Chess And Spaceship Anus

Greetings chess-playing Fold! There’s a country song in there somewhere. If you were going to write a song about the movie, Independence Day, what would you title it? Mine: “Take this plane and shove it!” by Randy Quaid -bman

Wishing For Death

Greetings death-wishing Fold! I hope everyone got the movie reference for the first one. Even if you didn’t see it, it was advertised so much that I think you know the whole premise. Anywho… there are so many of these movies. Name some other movies that had a character that you just kept wishing would… Read More »Wishing For Death

Death And Promises

Greetings promising Fold! Did you see Skyline? I’ll hazard a guess that more of you have seen it than will admit. It’s terrible in a way that can’t really be fully expressed in words. But, hey, the effects were great. -bman

American Moon

Greetings conspiratorial Fold! I know people that think the moon landings were staged. They think it is ridiculous that we keep going back. I’m just waiting for a moon city with the huge dome over it to live in for work. Mars is just too far away… -bman

Intergalactic Allergies

Greetings allergic Fold! Please tell me I’m not the only one who audibly groaned at the end of War of the Worlds. The new one. With the creepy little girl and the creepy little man. -bman

Big Scary Alien Ships

Greetings frightened Fold! Why do alien ships always wait to attack? Why not just drop bombs on the planet? Even in Halo, the Covenant sent in troops prior to glassing Reach. It just doesn’t make sense. Any ideas? -bman


Greetings safety-focused Fold! Four things, a) I’m going to see what the book looks like today when I get to work (because I’m updating this on Sunday). b) I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a real t-shirt design out of JB’s shirt from Friday’s comic because I think it’s hi-larious. Let me know what… Read More »Bigness

Destruction Of Public Property

Greetings destructive Fold! I decided to try something out in today’s comic. SHADING! It’s funny though. I used the same technique for all of the shading, but Brian is so pale that his shading doesn’t really show up! Haha. I’ll have to fix that moving forward. There’s a BONUS COMIC up on our Facebook Fan… Read More »Destruction Of Public Property

Visual Belief

Greetings visual Fold! Soak in these deeper meanings everyone because you never know when it’s going to go back poop, pee and fart jokes. -bman

I Believe

Greetings faithful Fold! We’re getting close to our goal of 200 Facebook fans before March! Just click “Like” below! AND the draft of The Underfold is complete! Now to just get some people to read it, finalize the cover art and get figure out prices. The title will be Best Apocalypse Ever, and it’s going… Read More »I Believe

The Invasion Begins

Greetings invading Fold! Two things. A) It’s about time we did aliens. B) It’s perfect because there’s approximately 1,000 movies coming out soon about aliens. I’m going to try really hard to work ahead and get a buffer. I’ve already got 15 strips written (including this one) for this storyline. There’s just so much stuff… Read More »The Invasion Begins

What It’s All About

Greetings super-Fold! I have a new story-line coming up that I think will be timely, and is plenty due. 😀 Be excited. -bman

Suspension Of Disbelief

Greetings star-studded Fold! Those people. Am I right? -bman

Pronunciation is in the eye of the beholder

Greetings annoyed Fold! Screw it. Let’s call the whole thing off. -bman

Zack Snyder’s Superman

Greetings private Fold! Poor Superman is due for a good movie… it’s just the thing about Zack Snyder films is that he’s been getting progressively more nudity-oriented. In his last film, there were tons of owls with no pants on. What’s next?! -bman

Remember Dreamscape?

Greetings dreaming Fold! I know an Inception joke is kind of old news, but I wrote this at 4:30am with no sleep, and stared Inception for a while before deciding (honestly) that I may get caught in a ridiculous series of dreams within dreams. True story. Besides Inception was awesome. So… I don’t care. -bman


Greetings changed Fold! Well… what do you think? -bman

Pitching Ideas

Greetings pitched Fold! There has to be a reason that M. Night keeps getting movie deals. I can only assume that the producers think he’s writing comedies. Maybe we should all go back and watch his movies as if they were jokes… I liked the one where the guy who has a rare disease the… Read More »Pitching Ideas

What’s Next?

Greetings internet Fold! This comic is early because I just can’t help myself… you just get bonus this week! What else does the internet find funny? -bman

Abstinence For Awkward Teens

Greetings abstinent Fold! Many of you probably never got to experience a good ol’ fashioned abstinence fest! Nothing says, “Christian Youth Conference” like an abstinence pledge drive! Maybe throw in an abstinence march around the place too. Why not? Not that abstinence is a bad thing… it’s just awkward to see in movies. -bman

Marketable Comics

Greetings marketable Fold! You’re all lame for enjoying hating Twilight more than anything else. But, whatever. Have a good weekend. Someone riddle me this: What do vampires poop? Do they poop? They don’t eat. They just drink… so… what’s up with that? -bman

An Eye Load

Greetings PC-using Fold! This comic might not be understandable for Mac users as the classic BSOD (blue screen of death) isn’t available on the Mac. The Mac reserves gray screens for these issues. Anywho, this comes for all of the people that wanted to understand what a robot’s poop would be like. And, if you… Read More »An Eye Load

I had a dream!

Greetings dreaming Fold! Celebrate the day appropriately! -bman

What happened to the Kinect?

Greetings dancing Fold! If a fan out there knows how to animate… please make me a dancing/pelvic thrusting Eye graphic. Please. -bman


Greetings disappointed Fold! I don’t know what generation you are from, but my generation grew up in a time where jetpacks and hovercars were going to happen “soon” for a long time. The difference between my generation and my dad’s is that I lost hope a long time ago. Something about being post-modern… whatever. -bman

Captain’s Race

Greetings comparing Fold! I guess if you’re looking at ALL timelines available from Star Trek, you could say Jordi too, but he’s blind… I don’t know. They’re all such great communicators. -bman

How To Lose Popular Friends And Gain Popularity Among Nerds

Greetings nerdy Fold! Welcome back. I know we were on a trendy detour there for a couple of days, but I have found a surefire way to steer us back into the niche we came from. Question of the day: Favorite Star Trek ship. Ever. Go. -bman

Vampire Progress

Something strange happens in the world of literature when women get into writing. Everything requires a love story. Even when it comes to horrific, feared, nightmarish characters. Well, that used to be a vampire’s description. -bman

Vampire Problems

Greetings diseased Fold! What would your biggest problem be with being a vampire? -bman

A Typical Non-Alcoholic New Years Eve

Greetings celebrating Fold! How do you celebrate New Years Eve? -bman

Old Jokes Are Hard To Replace

Greetings resolute Fold! Why are resolutions even a thing anymore? Does anyone really change their life? Why in the world is this still a thing? -bman

Timely And Relevant

Greetings Christmas-dazed Fold! We’re off the robot, and onto some New Years material. It’s all going to be terrific! -bman

The True Story Of Baby Jesus

Greetings educated Fold! As you go into whatever your Christmas routine is, know that Baby Jesus is out there, saving the world from things you don’t think are real. He’s that awesome. Merry Christmas! -bman

Santa Is A Sham And So Are Your Dreams

Greetings crushed Fold! Some blood and crushed dreams for you today. Hope you enjoy. Friday is the CHRISTMAS FINALE and it’s going to be a doozy. -bman

It’s a Wonderful Robot

Greetings wonderful Fold! A bit of violence to start off your Christmas week. So, if you’re like me and can’t wait to skip over all the channels playing It’s a Wonderful Life 24 hours a day, everyday this week… then, join me on this journey! Here’s a question though: It’s a Wonderful Life or Family… Read More »It’s a Wonderful Robot

Some Things Are Just More Important

Greetings nerdy Fold! Yes, today is the day that a subculture of people have been waiting for 30 years to see: Tron 2. It’s one of my top priorities to see this as soon as possible and form my own opinions about whether it is good or not. I hope it is, but I’m keeping… Read More »Some Things Are Just More Important

The Commercialization Of Christmas

Greetings consumer Fold! It’d be awesome if you wanted to buy some shirts. There are 4 shirts! And for a limited time, I took $1 off! So… if you like shirts, get one! They’re only $11! -bman

The Meaning Of Christmas

Greetings yule-tide Fold! If I were honoring another holiday who would be on the list? I know very little about other end-of-the-year holidays. -bman

New Target

Greetings viable Fold! You’ll probably notice a bit of enhancement in the comic today. I’m still trying hard not to use my fonts and such just to keep it as “hand-drawn” as possible, but I just like the clarity of the lines from the digital pen better than the scanned versions I make. I’m probably… Read More »New Target

Seasonal Directive

Greetings seasonal Fold! I’ve missed EVERY holiday in 2010. I’ve got ONE more left this year, and, darn it, I’m going to address it. -bman

Ad Infinitum

Greetings reminiscent Fold! This comic really requires you to have read the last comic in order to fully appreciate this one. I’m also excited to bring back a sentinel for this comic. They are fun and easy to draw, and if it wasn’t for copyright laws, I’d make a whole lot more of them. -bman

In The Fuuuuture

Greetings Fuuuu-old! Here’s a glance into the best apocalypse ever. Hope you enjoy! -bman

Why is the future such a downer?

Greetings excited Fold! There’s a few elements missing before this can be the ultimate apocalypse. Can you name them all? -bman

What about Steve Jobs?

Greetings dissatisfied Fold! If your present was the future, which past would you go back to? -bman

Not So Murderous

Greetings brutal Fold! Happy Black Friday everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? -bman

It’s A Fine Line

Greetings enamored Fold! Sorry that I’m just glazing over yet another holiday, but if the machine’s were taking over your world, you wouldn’t notice holidays either. But, for the sake of Thanksgiving, what ROBOT, real of fictional, are you most thankful for? -bman

Untrustworthy Blade Runner

Greetings trustworthy Fold! I’m sure some of you are completely lost, then there’s that group of you that’s grinning. Alienating your fans. Does it ever get old? -bman

A Plan For The Future

Greetings murderous Fold! EDIT: Looks like this is #300 for The Underfold! w0000000t. What kind of time-travelling robot would he be if he didn’t have a target to murder. Amiright? If you were a robot from the future, who would be your target and why? -bman

Batteries Included

Greetings battery-operated Fold! The real question is that if we were batteries, would certain people fit certain robots? Like, would a machine’s television remote die, and he’d be like, “Ah, man, these batteries are dead! Honey! Do we have any AAA batteries? You know, the tiny ones?” And his robo-wife is like: “Are these small… Read More »Batteries Included

Preparing For The Matrix

Greetings good-looking Fold! Don’t think of it as cowardice. Think of it as an invitation to the next generation of Xbox Kinect. They’ve moved past that last barrier between you and the game. Your body. -bman

Machines Vs. Zombies

Greetings prepared Fold! The apocalypse IS coming whether you believe it or not. Which one are you preparing for, and why? I, for one, am practicing my binary so hopefully I can work as an interpreter for a while for the machines as they rise to power… -bman

Why Would Steve Jobs Live In A Submarine

Greetings submarine-protected Fold! What kind of fuel do submarines need? What happens when they run out? Do you just drown… or…? Is a submarine the best way to protect yourself against the machines? So many questions about this whole submarine thing. It didn’t really work out for the people in either of the Terminator submarines…… Read More »Why Would Steve Jobs Live In A Submarine

Something About Steve Jobs

Greetings water-dwelling Fold! It’s true. Steve Jobs lives in a submarine. Underwater somewhere in the ocean. Help me make The Underfold the place to find Steve Jobs rumors. What have you heard about Steve Jobs? -bman

What Had Happened Was…

Greetings effing Fold! At long last! You may notice a lack of sheen to today’s Underfold. Well, get used to it because if I want to continue The Underfold, it’s back to pencil and paper and scanning. Seriously. Stupid computers. This way helps me actually keep a buffer though, so hopefully we’ll leave slacking in… Read More »What Had Happened Was…

Solar Power

Greetings conservative Fold! There’s some of you that aren’t laughing… but, hey, the real question is which end of the world scenario are you going to believe?  Right?  There’s too many out there.  Pick something more fun than Global Climate Change (Warming).  Seriously… anything is more fun than Al Gore. What end of the world… Read More »Solar Power

Content Filter

Greetings nude Fold! Seriously… why did the liquid metal people make it through? AND, if you can explain that, then explain to me why they couldn’t make it through with clothes on. Sheesh. Time travel is drafty… -bman


Greetings updating Fold! Does everyone know that one person that any time some problem comes up with a computer, their solution is that you should have done something in the past, generally involves purchasing a Mac. Which is almost never an accurate solution. Mac’s update just as often (if not more, think about how much… Read More »Updates

Switching Positions

Greetings replaceable Fold! It’s been a weird week of varying schedules for myself, and, well, I’m sorry for failing to update.  I’m going to try to catch up. -bman

Robot Or Cyborg

Greetings questionable Fold! Have you ever wondered why the Terminator was always so quick to correct people that he was a “cybernetic organism”?  Why? -bman

Killing The Resistance

Greetings important Fold! Each and every one of you is unique and a perfect snowflake. But seriously, do the Terminator movies really mean that without John Connor, there would be no resistance? Not a single person has better instincts or training? Really? -bman


Greetings [$missing driver$] Fold! There’s nothing quite like a Dell computer to be missing drivers to the most utilized stuff on the planet.  You have to root around for that stupid Dell driver disk… then you have to figure out how to uninstall everything that they preload to run in the background… Question of the… Read More »Sunglasses

Clothes Shopping

Greetings robotic Fold! In movies, for some reason, the advanced-intelligence-based robots (or cyborgs) don’t ever know where their target is.  If you’re from the future… find that out first. -bman

Robot From The Future

Greetings future Fold! We’ve done zombie apocalypse, and now, it’s time for a machine apocalypse.  You know what that means… more movie jokes!  So, I’ll be pulling from many movies that potentially more people enjoy than zombie movies!  Plot has been what The Underfold has been lacking, and we’re back in it! Let’s roll.  What… Read More »Robot From The Future


Greetings remembering Fold! This has been a weird week for me.  So, as I had a bit of extra time, I thought I’d reminisce about what I used to dream about.  Drawing the first couple of panels though really reminded me of why I went to drawing tentacle arms.  I get REALLY bored and frustrated… Read More »Remembering


Greetings searching Fold! This is dedicated to all those people out there that question my brand of non-punchline related humor.  This is a punchline that I’ve been wanting to work into a comic somehow… and now I’ve done it.  Success! Can you make a joke with this punchline? Do it! -bman

Degrees Of Letdown

Greetings arguing Fold! This is an actual match-up suggested on Reddit.  I really don’t understand how Fringe and X-Files aren’t better match-ups, because they’re significantly more similar than LOST and X-Files, but whatever.  I guess as far as the fallen greats of television go, these are two of the titans. What do you think? -bman

Which Is Best

Greetings Internet Fold! Help Brian and JB out with this debacle!  Which show is better? -bman

The Goonies Begins

Greetings childhood Fold! For one thing, I’d like to point out that even if it sucked, everyone would go see a Goonies remake…  You’d have to.  Naturally, the skeleton would be of Johnny Depp and the older brother would be Shia LeBouf. As mentioned in the comic, Sloth would be a CGI character played by… Read More »The Goonies Begins

Remaking Classics

Greetings Fold remakes! Would you watch a Gremlins or Short Circuit remake?  Shut up, yes you would. Seriously, what’s the trick to not getting a remake made?  Is it only having one sequel that is the exact same movie?  I know it isn’t the original movie being terrible… because, come on, look at what they’re… Read More »Remaking Classics

Impromptu Vacation

Greetings vacationing Fold! Well, I didn’t draw for Labor Day, and I’m not drawing today because our A/C went out, and frankly, I’m not very humored…  And on Friday, I’m prepping for a birthday party for my wife, so I think I’m just going to call out for the rest of the week and hope… Read More »Impromptu Vacation

Social Bookmarking

Greetings bookmarking Fold! Social bookmarking is a whole different animal than web design or having actual good content consistently because those will generally only look at that one page that gets bookmarked.  And even then, it’s only got popularity for a maximum of 24-hours. But, those of you visiting from a social bookmarking site… I… Read More »Social Bookmarking

Favorite Robot

Greetings robotic Fold! What’s YOUR favorite robot character? -bman

A Different Kind Of Club

Greetings rubber-molded Fold! Nipples?  Really?  Really, Joel Schumaker?  If anything we’d like to stay as far away from the campiness of the original Batman movie.  If we wanted another Batman movie like that, we’d still ask Adam West. Anyway, here’s your chance to add a line to the swearing in process for the Joel Schumaker… Read More »A Different Kind Of Club

Knight In Shining Armor

Greetings flawed Fold! Let’s name some non-flawed characters.  Just for fun to see how many we can actually name. -bman

How To Upset A Geek Part 2

Greetings doomed Fold! This one might actually span some barriers because I’m not all that sure that anyone thought that movie was good.  But, then again, I’m the geek in this situation. What’d you think of the movie?  (And YES, I have seen that South Park episode. Holy crap.) -bman

How To Upset A Geek Part 1

Greetings upset Fold! This is one of many things that George Lucas changed when he “remastered” the original Star Wars.  Go ahead and try this.  See if it works. The Underfold takes zero responsibility for the reaction of said geek in the event that you or someone you love are disfigured, murdered, or have your… Read More »How To Upset A Geek Part 1

Common Elements

Greetings linking Fold! It’s always good to find things in common with things that you have issues about.  But these two are serious.  Take for example the new Star Trek movie vs. the new Star Wars movies: Star Trek: No Shatner, good movie. Star Wars: Completely Lucas, terrible, movies that nearly ruin the series. And… Read More »Common Elements

Trek Vs Wars

Greetings star-Fold! There’s nothing quite like an age-old argument to get your blood boiling.  Seriously though, this one goes deep. Which is better? -bman

Orphans From Alderaan

Greetings sponsored Fold! This comic is actually based on a truth.  World Vision (the “help a child for $1 a day” people) was at the Star Wars convention here in Orlando this weekend.  However, they weren’t scamming people.  They were apparently selling off some sweet replicas.  A captain’s chair (don’t know where from) and a… Read More »Orphans From Alderaan

Apocalypse Over

Greetings bored Fold! This strip is not a piece of false information.  Zombie storyline = over.  Monday we start fresh with non-zombie material! Any final zombie comments? -bman


Greetings mislead Fold! First things first:  I apologize about Monday.  Maybe I’ll make a minicomic for you to explain what had happened… Second thing:  I know we’ve talked about this before, and even when it seems like a happy ending… the world is still full of zombies.  In no zombie movie that I’ve ever seen… Read More »RUN!


Greetings relieved Fold! I know there’ve been you that’ve been wondering if the zombies were ever going to actually happen.  And even if they did… would I show violence.  You were probably disappointed when Julius was violently ripped apart by zombies… behind a censor bar, and now are confused at why I’m able to show… Read More »FINALLY…

Just Smile

Greetings smiling Fold! The power of smiles is clear in this strip.  Even that zombie looks cute. 😀 -bman

The Gospel Of George Romero

Greetings theological Fold! If zombies really did come, I wonder what people would say to adapt it to the Bible.  Are zombies biblical? -bman

Zombie Logic

Greetings zombie-free Fold! If I were to stop the whole comic at this very second, like The Sopranos or Inception, what would you postulate the ending would be like?  What are you The Underfold plot theories? Dream big. -bman


Greetings assuming Fold! Has anyone ever noticed that in the midst of a machine apocalypse, people are somehow still able to use technology to send out a radio broadcast… yet in a zombie apocalypse… finding any sort of broadcast is practically hopeless? -bman

Do People Care

Greetings caring Fold! This is one for you fans out there.  If you were wondering about Eye and Fred (or is it Fred and Eye?), here’s your answer. Any other questions? -bman


Greetings unified Fold! There’s always got to be that ONE thing that brings you and your friends and loved ones together.  What’s that one thing? -bman

Ending Horribly

Greetings ill-fated Fold! I haven’t seen that movie.  My other option was “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn being the zombie in question.  Which… is more plausible, but I figured my younger crowd probably doesn’t know who Goldie Hawn is, let alone what Overboard was! Remember Kurt Russell?  Are these people still alive? -bman

Romance And Zombies

Greetings romantic Fold! What’s more full of romance than a desperate, no-h0pe situation where everyone generally meets a horrible end? Be completely honest, who’s seen a zombie movie that had a legitimate happy ending? -bman

Why Zombies Are Better Than Vampires Part 2

Greetings loyal Fold! If you missed Part 1 somehow… you’re excluded from being called “loyal”. Here’s an easy one for today because, deep-down, we all love zombie-survivalism.  If Bear Grills did a special on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, it would probably be the most watched episode (and I know that he, or maybe… Read More »Why Zombies Are Better Than Vampires Part 2


Greetings subconscious Fold! Movies and books that use this sneaky trick often don’t wind up being all that great because the dream/nightmare is often the best part…  AND, it cheapens the experience for the rest of the book/movie because you can never trust what’s happening again… Examples? -bman

The Greater Good

Greetings tertiary Fold! Ever since we transitioned dimensions and rebooted The Underfold, I’ve always wondered what happened to some of the additional characters… so, this is my way of wrapping up loose ends. I think if the comic were in color, he’d be wearing red. -bman

Zombies Are A Media Fear-mongering Scheme

Greetings fear-mongering Fold! The media would never just make stuff up to inspire fear… would they?  Examples… GO! -bman

A Case For Logic

Greetings logical Fold! Has there already been a movie that blended the zombie and demonic possession genres together?  If not, maybe I should start writing my script now…  It could be the best blended-genre horror movie ever. -bman

Too Close To Home

Greetings somber Fold! For my international guests, I doubt that you haven’t heard about American Independence Day because a) we flaunt it, big time; and b) the internet exists. Bonus points for anyone that can tell me what the side of the “Quarantine” box says! (hint, it’s not the side that says “quarantine”.) -bman

Parenting During A Zombie Apocalypse Is Hard

Greetings parental Fold! How many times have you seen this played out?  You always let someone in… and that’s the downfall.  That’s where the end always begins. Name some examples! -bman

Zombie Role Models

Greetings instinctual Fold! You never see a movie about a zombie whining about his poor situation like vampires always do.  Wow, yeah, it must really suck to be immortal and have super-human abilities.  Yeah, no, no, it sounds awful, you’re right…  NOT. Name all the vampires that hate their lives as vampires.  GO! -bman

Bored With Zombies

Greetings attention-deficient Fold! I’ll keep this brief. -bman

Zombie Twitter

Greetings socialized Fold! Most zombie movies that I’ve seen leave the “base functions” of the human in the zombie.  I wonder if that will include texting and social media for my generation and below? It’s no doubt in my mind that SOMEHOW Twitter would continue, and instead of radio transmissions, people would have to follow… Read More »Zombie Twitter

Zombies Hate Birthdays

Greetings festive Fold! Strap on your birthday hats and grab some noisemakers!  It’s my birthday!  I’m celebrating by… ready for this?  WORKING. Yes, I like to live wild and free.  Nothing’s going to hold me down. What was your favorite birthday? -bman

Too Hannah Montana

Greetings virgin Fold! There’s nothing quite like trying to break your “Disney-image”.  And it always turns out so well! Okay.  Let’s go!  Children stars that have tried to “break their Disney-image” and never came back to reality: _______ Go! -bman

What We Know

Greetings film-savvy Fold! Does anyone else find it annoying when movies (typically horror movies) ignore that whatever scenario they are creating in the movie has already been established in another movie?  I mean… unless you’re going to ruin a legacy archetype (see Twilight), then you’ve got some pretty well-laid foundations that you could pull from if… Read More »What We Know

The Big Deal

Greetings frightened Fold! Have you ever seen a horror movie that didn’t follow the regular process of someone saying something and then it’s true? -bman

Zombies Are Bad

Greetings Fold and Zombies! There’s nothing quite like the randomness of a subculture of zombie-literature books popping up all over the place.  It makes me wonder whether George Romero is happy with what’s going on, or if Jane Austen is just waiting for her chance to become a zombie and murder some literature-stealing authors and… Read More »Zombies Are Bad

God Have Mercy On Us All

Greetings tempted Fold! I wonder how many people will not get this…  Oh well, I stand by my decision.  There’s still more backstory to be had in this scene too though… we still don’t have a full picture of what’s going on. Where did Brian here the joke?  And how does JB know it’ll bring… Read More »God Have Mercy On Us All

A Good Scene

Greetings astute Fold! You could read this as just another comic, but I’ve cleverly wound a bunch of backstory into these panels!  Here’s the thing:  YOU are going to write the backstory! So, feel free to answer whatever questions you feel are brought up in this comic with whatever seems the most likely explanation!  Go.… Read More »A Good Scene

And You Thought I Was Kidding

Greetings tentacled Fold! If you missed out on The Underfold’s birthday on Wednesday, you missed out on a whole bunch of fun!  (and by fun I mean that I posted 3 random pictures for fun on the event wall.)  I leave it to you to find your way to those fun things because you didn’t… Read More »And You Thought I Was Kidding

Birthday Solution

Greetings birthday Fold! It’s The Underfold’s 2-year birthday today!  Come on over to our FACEBOOK event and wait eagerly for me to post random pictures to the group.  I’m hoping to draw a bunch of never-before-seen content specifically for this event!  SO COME ON DOWN! -bman

Silly Bandz

Greetings crazed Fold! Have you seen Silly Bandz?  Wow.  Just… wow. What was “all the rage” when you were growing up? (There can be more than one answer). I’ll start:  slap bracelets. -bman

The End

Greetings ill-fated Fold! You can’t argue this point.  OK, that was the last LOST-based comic (at least for a while!)  We’ve got a holiday coming up… AND THEN… It’s the TWO-YEAR BIRTHDAY OF THE UNDERFOLD! What’s your favorite thing to do on your birthday? -bman

JB Hates Story, Plot And LOST

Greetings MTV-Fold! They say our attention is getting smaller and smaller.  That we can’t focus on something for long enough to make it worthwhile.  I’m trying really hard not to do the obvious “I-can’t-focus-joke” in here, but it is tough. Isn’t it annoying that everyone thinks you can’t hold onto a thought for longer than… Read More »JB Hates Story, Plot And LOST

JB’s Awakening

Greetings grieving Fold! If this comic doesn’t make sense to you… then you don’t watch LOST and are therefore out of the loop.  This doesn’t bother me.  You just missed out.  Big time. For everyone else… did you like the Finale? -bman

Restroom Phone Etiquette

Greetings talkative Fold! This was inspired as I thought about how awkward it would be if the two guys on the cell phones in the john were talking to each other.  Because no one wants to admit that you’re taking a dump while talking to your lawyer or anyone for that matter. What’s the best… Read More »Restroom Phone Etiquette

Think They’ll Notice?

Greetings different Fold! This is still my handwriting, it’s just… more planned out.  Cleaner.  Better.  With built in extras like the breathe marks and “!?”, “!!” and larger letters for capitals.  I heart this.  I hope you do too. What have you done lately that you loved but no one else noticed? -bman

Vacation Leprosy

Greetings leprous Fold! It’s kind of good to be back from vacation.  What with all the peeling and such…  The other day I pulled a pretty huge chunk of skin from my knee.  Yikes. Okay, for sharing time, what’s the worst sunburn experience you’ve ever had?! -bman


Greetings were-Fold! That’s right, vampires AND werewolves in one week!  This one comes from Pirk (who has previously been featured for guest posts!). Hope you enjoyed this week’s guest comics (I have)! Thank you to all you artists who contributed!  That was awesome! -bman

Underfold X The Return Of RoboBrian

Greetings post-apocalyptic Fold! Today’s guest post comes from a very talented dude named MikeP who runs a series of other comics and blogs.  He’s currently working on Time-Mind Sync-Warp (which you should totally check out) and I’m pretty sure there’s a special going on at Carafe by him right now (which you should ALSO check… Read More »Underfold X The Return Of RoboBrian

The Only Thing

Greetings caring Fold! Today is my three year anniversary with my wife who loves me so much that she was willing to draw this guest post for me by hand!  She’s great and my best friend and I love her! w00t. -bman

Girls Like Vampires

Greetings adorable Fold! Today’s comic comes from an artist that I’ve been trying to get to draw me something for a long time now, and she finally did!  This is by Jillian Strong and is FANTASTIC!  The originals are cool because she used some mixed media sort of styling and it’s awesome. This is a… Read More »Girls Like Vampires

The Things You Learn On The Internet

Greetings little Fold! Well, here goes nothin’!  I’m out of here for vacation, so I hope you enjoy the upcoming guest posts!  They’re all pretty funny, and are from true fans.  That’s the best. Speaking of the best, what’s the “best” thing you learned on the Internet? -bman

Origin Of Cinco De Mayo

Greetings drinking Fold! I couldn’t help but go for the Cinco de Mayo joke.  It had to happen.  Happy Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy some superb latin beer. -bman

Ewok In A Box

Greetings abducted Fold! You know what’s funny?  I’ve been getting the guest posts for next week in, and … well, they’re better than mine.  Haha.  So, next week, be prepared for COLOR and BETTER ART!  I’m excited, and you should be too. -bman

School Sucks

Greetings poorly-drawn Fold! This one was drawn by hand!  Went out on a limb and old-school.  Hope you like it because it too way longer this way! Ha! Also, if you like The Underfold, Like us on Facebook too! -bman

Monsters Under Your Bed

Greetings terrified Fold! This idea culminated after reading a touching account of a father and son and the idea of being scared.  Oh well.  I couldn’t resist.  Especially not with how well the fart joke works. What did your parents tell you about the monsters under your bed? -bman

Gettin’ Handsy

Greetings handsy Fold! Coming up pretty soon, I’m going out of town on vacation, and… I thought I’d offer anyone a chance to do a guest comic during said time off.  I’ll need three comics for the week of May 10th.  And, you could showcase your skillz to a whole new audience! If you want… Read More »Gettin’ Handsy

Follow God… On Twitter

Greetings God-honoring Fold! Come on, you know good and well you’re thinking of more tweets from God during Armageddon. SHARE THEM BELOW! (just remember not to go over 140 characters to keep it authentic!) -bman


Greetings wiki-Fold! I’m having a very interesting fight for having an article about The Underfold on Wikipedia.  It’s been kind of fun riling up the powers at be and “prove my worth” as it were. What have you done that’s notable? -bman

Robots Don’t Dream

Greetings sleepless Fold! What’s the weirdest dream you’ve had lately (or ever)? -bman

To Preschool!

Greetings preschooled Fold! I work with kids on a regular basis, and we work on comics together which is usually fun.  I haven’t posted them in a while, but I figure you’ll be seeing Bunny Foo Foo again. (Also, if you’re unfamiliar with xkcd, you should check them out.) And, if you’re looking for a… Read More »To Preschool!

Batman Vs Wolverine

Greetings mutant Fold! Batman and Wolverine are easily my favorites, but… I’m pretty sure that if they could transcend… Wolverine would win because, well, he can heal and Batman can’t.  But who knows?  Batman’s pretty wily. What do you think? -bman

Something Newer

Greetings geeky Fold! Who’s going out to get a 3D HDTV?  My wife won’t let me, or I’d probably start saving up my money.  And, I’d watch Monsters vs. Aliens if that’s all that’s out.  There’ll be more. What’s your newest technological gadget? -bman

Resistance Is Futile

Greetings assimilated Fold! Everyone go out, buy a Droid phone or the G1, anything with Android.  Download Google Chrome.  Plan your house with Google Sketchup, write your next best seller using Google Docs, chat with your friends with Google Talk, and call your friends with Google Voice.  Google does EVERYTHING YOU NEED and a bunch… Read More »Resistance Is Futile

Google Demands It

Greetings optimized Fold! If you have any web-savvy to you, you know this is probably more true than anyone would like to admit. Google runs all of our lives. You can’t deny it. What do you do for your search engine optimization?  Do you cheat? -bman

Wabbit Huntin’

Greetings waskily Fold! What?  What’d you do for Easter? -bman (PS. My wife totally helped me out with the hilarity in one of the panels.  Guess which one and win recognition!)


Greetings eggstravagant Fold! Seriously.  Am I the only one that these English dumpster rats bothers so much?  Replacing “K” with words that should have “C” is stupid.  Alliteration isn’t that important.  And “Eggstravaganza”?  Ugh.  It’s like someone puking on the English language and putting a birthday candle in it because it’s a celebration. What other… Read More »Eggstravaganza

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Greetings sinful Fold! Lent is almost over!!  Thank goodness.  I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really help eliminate my wants for things, I’m just not allowed to act upon them…  I’m totally going back to Google Analytics ON SUNDAY. What’d you give up for Lent?  Are you going back to it after? -bman

Unseen Villians

Greetings villainous Fold! Who’s seen the trailer for the upcoming Christian film, Letters to God?  Who thought it was cheesy looking?  Now… wouldn’t a villain up in the clouds with a microwave lazer-ray gun spice up the plot a bit? Who’s in with me for the remake? -bman

Racial Issues

Greetings racially-charged Fold! Who’s done their census?  Did you ever lie on your Census?  Come on, spill the beans. -bman

Define ‘Weird’

Greetings weird Fold! What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?  Have out with it! -bman

V’GER’s Got To Go

Greetings eavesdropping Fold! If you could have a random science fiction character stay in your living room on your couch… who would you choose? -bman

This Is V’GER

Greetings geeky Fold! Who can tell me what’s WRONG with my depiction of V’GER? -bman

St. JB Day!

Greetings celebratory Fold! Today is both St. Patrick’s Day AND the real JB’s birthday!  So, for his birthday, here’s the challenge: Summarize your favorite episode of Gilligan’s Island or Stargate SG-1 for JB’s reading pleasure (if he even reads this.  I’d never know because he’s not decent enough to ever comment). HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB! -bman

Black President

Greetings speculative Fold! It is sad to think that when a black man was cast as the president in a movie not but 10-15 years ago was the thing of headlines and shock… Anywho, name the movies with black presidents!  Go! EDIT: I’m also allowing television shows, and would say that captaining a ship/colony would… Read More »Black President


Greetings nerdgasmic Fold! This was nearly a real conversation that I had on Twitter. I’m also seriously excited about Tron Legacy.  I still like the original Tron, and the sequel actually looks like it’s going to pwn. Do you think n00bs will understand it’s old school arcade game references?  Or, will it just be a… Read More »Nerdgasm

Depth Perception

Greetings 3-D Fold! Maybe if the movie had been rated  ARRRH! Yeah… that’s right.  A pirate joke.  So sue me, I’ve been sick. You make a better depth perception joke based on Avatar.  Go. -bman

Eye Blog

Greetings blogging Fold! How many blogs do you know of that have no purpose?  I know of at least one… -bman


Greetings perverted Fold! Seriously, Law and Order: SVU is so good… but it starts to make you think that everyone is out to get you… Are they? -bman

Help From Dogs

Greetings musing Fold! I’d be lying if I said this comic wasn’t based exactly on how it came about.  So what if I ask my dog what to write about? Do you have a better muse?  What is it? -bman

Fair Taxes

Greetings taxed Fold! Rich jerks.  Ha! -bman

M. Night Shyamalamathon!

Greetings film-marathoning Fold! This idea came about while talking to xy.  I think this is both an awesome and terrible idea.  Perhaps I’ll try this sometime… What’s your most liked and most hated M. Night Shyamalan movie?  Don’t worry… we won’t judge you… Much. Mine is; favorite: Unbreakable; hated: Lady in the Water. -bman

The Hounds

Greetings brainy Fold! Everyone needs a sweet catch phrase.  I wonder what my boss would think if I actually said this at work? How would you retell this scenario?  Create a short story out of this idea… and I’ll make it into a full comic.  I’m so serious. -bman


Greetings pet-owning Fold! This strip is based on a true story.  Only, in real life there were two dogs barking like I was about to be murdered.  Lassie was significantly more helpful… -bman

Baby Ogre Giant

Greetings angry Fold! Tried something new this week.  On Wednesday night, me and some kids made the story, I drew and colored it on the computer (as I’m sure you can tell) and made prints of the black and white version for the kids to color and everyone gets their own copy to take home!… Read More »Baby Ogre Giant

Mafarmville Wars

Greetings gaming Fold! The two most annoying (yet most popular) games on Facebook just had a baby.  Now, hopefully I didn’t just give Zynga an idea… What games do your Facebook friends play all the time and tell the world about? -bman

Facebook Fans

Greetings Facebook Fold! It’s time for a dose of truth…  How many things on Facebook are you a fan of?  Go. -bman

Valentine Fallout

Greetings lonely Fold! What’d you do for Valentine’s Day yesterday?  Did you have a date?  Did you watch movies all night?  Drink?  Try to get a date? -bman


Greetings antiquated Fold! The answer to the question posed in the comic is… Yes, but it shouldn’t be. I’ve been a faithful Simpsons fan since I was a kid, but… it’s just bad.  The jokes aren’t as funny and they keep stretching for some sort of moral value that they believe they have, but they… Read More »Antiquities

Watching LOST

Greetings LOST-addicted Fold! Even if you’re not LOST addicted, you’ve got to admire how ridiculously enamored people that are addicted are with the show.  I love LOST, and I truly think it’s been some of the best television that’ve been on in a while. Do you watch LOST?  Why or why not? -bman

Genetic Traits

Greetings inherited Fold! I generally like to attribute my gut to my father’s side of the family… it avoids blame on my terrible eating habits. What characteristics did you get from or like to blame on your parents? -bman

The Method Of Winners

Greetings methodical Fold! Nothing beats a healthy dose of good old fashioned hard work and consistency. -bman

Redesigning Myself

Greetings redesigned Fold! I know, this isn’t a regularly scheduled appearance.  I’m looking for input… what do you guys think if I was to re-draw my personal character differently.  I know I’m kind of a staple… but, I also know that my character has a giant noggin that’s never shown and is awkward to draw…… Read More »Redesigning Myself

Risky Business

Greetings producer-led Fold! I’d just like to let everyone know that I like Conan WAY better than Leno.  Always have. I’d also like to let everyone know that Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindoff have done a fine job with LOST, with or without Abrams. -bman

Working Out Daddy Issues

Greetings compassionate Fold! If anyone’s upset about Fred’s voice not being drawn the same way… you can draw it yourself.  I’ll even supply you with a font of it if you’d like.  I’m happier just writing.  It also takes up WAY less space. Win. -bman

Videogame Violence

Greetings violent Fold! Let this be a lesson for everyone.  Also, enjoy Rocky the Rock Lobster’s first starring role without Bunny Foo Foo! -bman

Eating The Evidence

Greetings cannibalistic Fold! Cannibalism, is of course, the best way to channel all of your anger issues.  It fills you up.  Oh, and it takes care of loose ends, like cybernetically-enhanced Brian. -bman

JJ Abrams Explains It All

Greetings Abrams-directed Fold! If anyone was able to explain what the heck is going on, it’s him.  Who else could’ve directed? -bman

Glorious Return

Greetings stretched Fold! Give it up for the best side characters ever on The Underfold!  Yay! We’ll just ignore the others… They’re unimportant.  Right? -bman

Harmonious Discord

Greetings musical Fold! If you’re a band geek, you’re probably laughing at this joke.  My wife wanted me to go for something a bit more obvious, but, as usual, I like to go for the niche jokes.  Whatever. What would your musical punchline have been?  Mary wanted “The fat lady just sung.” -bman

Time For An Excellent Adventure

Greetings righteous Fold! The phone booth is BACK.  What will that mean for our protagonists?  You’ll just have to wait and find out. -bman

King Of Pop Fantasies

Greetings creepy Fold! I know Michael Jackson is dead and all… but don’t you think they were a bit quick on that movie release?  It’s like they’ve had it ready to go, but the producers were like, “If we just wait a bit longer… he’ll be dead… and less creepy.  People will forget all the… Read More »King Of Pop Fantasies

Peeing Out Of Context

Greetings contextual Fold! There is a certain essence to The Underfold that allows for them to be pretty much ANYWHERE.  I like to call it a fresh palette where I let YOUR imagination create the backgrounds.  It has NOTHING to do with laziness…  nothing at all… -bman

Exploding Bear

Greetings exploding Fold! I hope you enjoy this one.  It all started when Kevin said he didn’t like bears.  So, then we made a bad guy bear.  “He’s knocking down trees, and plants, and exploding buildings,” he suggested.  As if this were a Micheal Bay comic strip, everything explodes. Including bears. What other stuff explodes… Read More »Exploding Bear

Artistic Success

Greetings artistic Fold! Seriously though, there’s some artists that make a boatload of money.  I am not one of them.  Oh well.  What should I try to monetize?  Go. -bman

Good Times

Greetings disappointed Fold! There’s something about the disappointment and rejection of JB that makes me smile and laugh.  How about you?  What actor would you like to see disappointed and rejected like JB? I’ll start.  Tobey McGuire and Topher Grace… simultaneously. -bman

Whine And Change

Greetings whiny Fold! Topical jokes on The Underfold?  What the heck?  And who’s side is The Underfold on?  What is this, some kind of political cartoon?  Answers, we need answers! I have none.  You decide. -bman

The Chuck Norris Curse

Greetings cursed Fold! Okay… this is completely ridiculous and old school, but everyone shout out your favorite Chuck Norris facts… Go. -bman

Shut Up Already

Greetings now-informed Fold! You have now been filled in on what’s going on.  If you don’t understand… I can’t help you.  But seriously… how annoying is it when movies and people continue to explain themselves? What movies (or people) use this annoying process? I’ll start:  Star Trek.  I get it, you’re in space… move on.… Read More »Shut Up Already

Future Depends On It!

Greetings future Fold! There’s something about people that come from the future that think they can actually change stuff.  Who all has tried that?  I’ll start:  John Connor’s dad. Your turn. -bman

Bag Head

Greetings ridiculed Fold! There’s nothing quite like watching JB be disgraced.  Seriously though, if you look up “ridicule” in Webster’s Dictionary, you’ll see the last panel there as an example. -bman


Greetings bored Fold! This is the result of my co-author Kevin not being there a few weeks ago, and then me not being at church today.  It all works out. What would you do? -bman

New Beginnings

Greetings new Fold! If you are actually new, then this will be a good place to start, even though it may be a bit confusing.  Or, if you’re a legacy Fold member and still have no idea what’s been going on in The Underfold… it’s also a great place for you. So, without spoiling anything,… Read More »New Beginnings

Time To Reset

Greetings dedicated Fold! JB seems very unhappy with the way things are turning out.  What will happen on New Year’s Day?? I already know my answer, but what are you doing for New Years? -bman

Symbiotic Goatee

Greetings symbiote-enhanced Fold! Spiderman is just one of the stories that made use of the “symbiote-came-from-space-and-it’s-awesome-but-evil” plot device.  Can you name another? (Oh, and when Brian states in this comic that the symbiote storyline is awesome in Spiderman, he is referencing everything BUT Spiderman 3, which is terrible.) -bman

Monster Chicken, It’s What’s For Dinner

Greetings fed Fold! This one’s a bit more random than normal.  Here’s how the story process worked out. Kevin:  “Well, Christmas is over… my dad’s birthday is coming up… but let’s not do it about that.  Um… I think I’m all out of ideas.  You write it, then tell me what it’s about.” Brian:  “Uh…… Read More »Monster Chicken, It’s What’s For Dinner

Stupid Christmas Goats

Greetings Christmas Fold! If you’re looking for a true Christmas Underfold, you should check out Parts 1 and 2 of the Bunny Foo Foo Adventures Christmas Special.  It’s where it’s at. If you’re just looking for Underfold silliness, then this is where it’s at. What other random things happen in space? -bman

Christmas Butt Kicking

Greetings yule-tide Fold! There’s nothing like a sweet butt kicking to start off Christmas Eve!  Right? What kind of consumeristic Christmas gifts are you hoping to get from a fictional character this year? -bman

Ruined Plans

Greetings saddened Fold! If you want to see the storyline of Scott Kurtz‘s webcomic about Santa being killed, you’ll want to check out PvP.  It’s good, so, you know you can read it, but don’t forget to come back… Have your plans ever been ruined for Christmas? -bman

Christmas, Santa, SEO

Greetings search-engine-optimized Fold! An interesting trend has happened.  The Underfold is NOT being searched for some reason…  Can’t figure it out.  But, to that end, here’s an episode about Santa and Christmas and somewhat about SEO. So, yeah. What are some things you think I should add to make us more… search engine friendly? -bman

Christmas Thievery

Greetings robbed Fold! If you want to find out what happens in this THRILLING saga, tune in on Christmas Eve!  It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser! -bman By the way, Kevin has become a great colorer, so he’s colored the last few comics!  Awesome.

To The North Pole

Greetings confused Fold! I assure you I’m going somewhere with all of this confusion.  There’s many a thing that can go wrong in space… What kind of stuff normally goes wrong in the movies? -bman

Inside The Booth

Greetings interior Fold! Before I created Monday’s Underfold, I had made a drawing of what I thought the monster should look like.  And, I knew that I wasn’t going to draw him often, if not only once more, so I thought I’d share his “whole” appearance with you from my sketch book.  Enjoy. -bman

Safety First

Greetings toothy Fold! Finally outside the phone booth, THERE’S A MONSTER! -bman

Healing Lizard

Greetings regenerating Fold! There’s nothing like having a bad guy that keeps regenerating.  There’s never really a good solution for the problem.  So, it’s best to let the authorities handle it. -bman

Stick To The Script

Greetings aspiring Fold! First of all, where my film school friends at!? Second, a challenge:  what’s the title of the script that JB is reading from? (Feel free to come up with your own name, but there is a name written…) -bman

From Pandering To Plagarism

Greetings alliterate Fold! First one to count the amount of P’s used in alliterate format wins recognition in the form of a Tweet and Fan page status update! Go! -bman

Drafty Phone Booth

Greetings drafty Fold! I’m surprised that no one (including me) thought about the fact that phone booths are in no way air-tight… I guess Brian and JB should be more careful. Or more reckless? What do you think? -bman

Belly Ache

Greetings saved Fold! This episode was co-colored as well as co-authored!  Enjoy this one, because it’s a full story, altogether.  It’s got danger, action, explosion, courage and resolution all in one story! Hero’s Journey… eat your heart out. -bman

Shadow Of A Doubt

Greetings doubtful Fold! Ah, good old gray areas.  No one actually likes them when they affect what is truth to them.  Am I right? -bman

Unidimensional Understanding

Greetings understanding Fold! What do you think?  Do you think there’s a set of rules for all dimensions, or will we ever be able to comprehend? -bman

Dimensional Differences

Greetings rational Fold! With all of this interdimensional travel, it brings up questions of what each dimension would contain.  Kind of like when NASA declares that “no life can exist” because it doesn’t contain things in our environment, but who’s to say that aliens couldn’t live off other things? Do you think the space is… Read More »Dimensional Differences

Explosive Proofed

Greetings engineered Fold! This episode comes after a revelation by Kevin (my 4 year old co-writer) that after last week’s explosion, Bunny Foo Foo would die after two more explosions.  I guess he’s something like a cat and the whole nine-lives thing. Just know that “explosive-proofed” covers all things that use an explosion… like bullets.… Read More »Explosive Proofed

Number One Sadness

Greetings relieved Fold! Now that Thanksgiving is over, who’s up for a NEW “Not Pee” shirt with Eye crying?  I’ll design it if one person buys it. Speaking of which, I need to get on my “Bagel of the Gods” shirt. Who’s in? -bman

No One Ruins Thanksgiving!

Greetings celebrating Fold! Frankly, I hope you’re all enjoying Thanksgiving today and that no one’s reading this… but assuming that you are… What are you thankful for? -bman

Happy Thanksgrieving!

Greetings lonely Fold! Aww.  Poor sadistic Fred and abandoned Eye.  What will they do? OR, where do you think Brian and JB are? Even better, don’t forget to check back tomorrow (or spend time with your family… whatever’s more important to you… don’t worry… we won’t hold it against you for long) for a SPECIAL… Read More »Happy Thanksgrieving!

Family Thanksgiving Dinner

Greetings preparing Fold! Thanksgiving day is quickly approaching and we’ve got TWO storylines that are situated around the holiday (since I skipped over Halloween…).  So, there will actually be an update on Thanksgiving to finish up yesterday’s post! As for today… how do you think that Eye and Fred seasoned the turkey?  What instructions are… Read More »Family Thanksgiving Dinner

PETA, Native Americans And Explosions!

Greetings activist Fold! Today’s Bunny Foo Foo Adventures focuses on several key issues of Thanksgiving.  I’m sure animal activists are surely getting upset about the insistance on killing turkeys that schools teach our young ones, and for people like me who think Native Americans (Indians) really got screwed over in this whole thing.  Oh, and… Read More »PETA, Native Americans And Explosions!

Bird Brain

Greetings darn, dirty Fold! Two things about that greeting: 1.) I don’t have to use quotes because I paraphrased.  2.) I cleaned it up against my better judgement. I guess this is pretty much how that movie would go if instead of Charleton Heston, it starred Brian and JB… and birds instead of apes.  Really… Read More »Bird Brain

Downside To BirdLand

Greetings flu-resistant Fold! Does anyone know what the big difference is between flu viruses?  Do we have any doctors or scientists out there reading this that would like to enlighten us? I just know people can’t get bird flu, but they can get swine flu.  So, I guess George Orwell was right!  Yikes. -bman

It’s A Bird!

Greetings Bird Fold! Zing!  Another dimension, much different from our own. What are some other differences that would exist in a world where people are birds and birds are people? -bman

Buckets Of Safety

Greetings scared Fold! I’m still not quite sure that Carnivorous Carl’s crime was that severe… but, maybe the bank was full of vegans.  Not sure on those details. What do you think? -bman

Also Last Team

Greetings losing Fold! Now, with this comic brings in a whole new dimension of interdimensional travel:  seeing yourselves.  It’s a tricky thing.  If it’s in the past, you could ruin everything, or everything was meant to happen with you coming back to talk to yourself. If you were to see yourself in another dimension (time… Read More »Also Last Team

7th Leg Dropouts

Greetings amazing Fold! Brian wants to leave after hearing they’re on the 7th leg of the race. Why do you think he wants t0 leave? -bman

First Team To Arrive Interdimensionally

Greetings amazing Fold! I’ve always said that if I was ever to try out for the Amazing Race, it would have to be with JB.  I just think it would be funny and awesome. Would you all help me gain his trust and support on this?  Wouldn’t you watch us? -bman

The Price Of Meat These Days

Greetings hungry Fold! Carnivorous Carl’s real problem is that he can’t get a job in this economy.  People’s legitimate fear of dinosaurs is a real predjudice against the few, non-murderous dinosaurs out there just trying to make a living.  At least that’s what his lawyer says… the companies keep saying it’s because he just broke… Read More »The Price Of Meat These Days


Greetings lazy Fold! If there’s anything that I succeed at, it’s laziness in drawing.  I’ve been doing better, but this one is lacking.  Don’t worry… now it’s off to suggested dimensions! -bman

Kindergarten Crayon Dimension

Greetings crayon-coloring Fold! I’m getting pretty good at those hills, eh?  Not sure what happened to the blue sky… but that’s what I get for coloring it with crayons. If you want to see some sweet drawings, click on “Fans” above to comic and check out what the kids in the nursery drew! -bman

Time Is Relative

Greetings time-minding Fold! I know you’re thinking to yourself, but bman, how aren’t they’re watches just swirling round and round?  I’ve seen it in movies all my life. I agree that it’s beyond our comprehension.  What movies does this whacky device get used?  (this one is harder than the light tunnel) -bman

Carnivorous Carl Breaks Loose!

Greetings carnivorous Fold! Heck, you’d break out of jail too if all they were giving you was giant pieces of gluten-free poppy seed bread. Don’t lie. -bman

Flock Of Clocks

Greetings rule-abiding Fold! There’s nothing quite like interdimensional travel to force you to jump through some hoops.  Like the obligatory light tunnel.  Seriously. Quick!  Name all the movies that utilize this technique! Go! -bman

Close Your Eyes And Dial

Greetings excited Fold! I know, it’s exciting right?  I hope you’re excited by all the extra work I’m putting into the comics.  If your new, drawing anything but the top halves of JB and Brian’s faces is a rare event, and should be acknowledged with a long blurb about it below the comic. Oh, and,… Read More »Close Your Eyes And Dial

Fizzle Like Voyager

Greetings trekkie Fold! No one can deny that the new Star Trek was awesome.  But, seriously, Voyager?  Gross.  I’m not sure whether it’s me being chauvanistic, but… I don’t know. What other Star Treks do you hate and why?  (Or, more reasons that Voyager sucked.  Feel free to do that.) -bman

Where To Get Trapped

Greetings screenwriting Fold! What’s a better tool than sending someone into a different dimension, and stranding them there somehow?  It’s gold, baby, gold. -bman

The Phone Booth!

Greetings surprised Fold! I know, I know, it’s not too terribly far from JB’s bioelectric face-bag, but hey, it’s different.  Coming up, a body shot of Brian. I tried something different today, what about you? -bman

Time’s A Dimension Too

Greetings EXCELLENT Fold! I’m not sure what happened between Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, but the 2nd movie rocked the hizzouse.  And, yes, I own it on DVD!  Thanks Papa John’s! What movies do you (embarrassing or otherwise) own and (secretly or otherwise) love? -bman

Low Budget Tool

Greetings low-budget Fold! Are you happy to have The Underfold back?  I finally got this stupid theme to accept a new header!  w00t. Now for the rest… -bman

Stalling Out

Greetings stalling Fold! Am I wrong?  What other ways are there to travel interdimensionally?  Unless you had a Stargate… which are apparently much more available to the government than they should be… -bman

Sliders Vs SG1 Vs MST3000

Greetings SciFi Channel-watching Fold! What other interdimensional travel shows did you watch? -bman

Strolling Through The Multiverse

Greetings multidimensional Fold! Who here believes in the multiverse? -bman

Dimensions And Band-Aids

Greetings interdimensional Fold! It’s going to be a crazy ride… get ready.  I mean, if JJ Abrams says it’s true… it’s true. -bman

Excuses, Excuses

Greetings tireless Fold, Without TV, where would my plots come from?  It’s true.  Remember the whole Odyssey series?  Yeah, I’m an idea harvester. -bman

Baby, Come Back

Greetings dedicated Fold, I know.  I know. I’ve made a bit of a reservoir, and I’ll keep making new ones.  Now it’s just a matter of updating. -bman

Not Paying Bills

Greetings illuminated Fold! Long time no see!  Glad to be back.  I have some time carved out to write some new comics.  I’m going to forego the customization until I can figure out how to do it correctly…  So, enjoy the extra navigation and such. What would you guys like to see in the customization?… Read More »Not Paying Bills

Stopping The Laser!

Greetings crime-fighting Fold! My apologies for the delay in posting, but, with the website down for that short stint, there was no reason to post anything…  Anywho, hopefully, we’ll just figure this thing out together and we’ll actually start posting The Underfold this week. -bman

Getting To Space

Lazers In Space

Greetings kid-friendly Fold! This morning, there weren’t any children to help with the story, so you may notice a slight difference in the flow of the story… like it makes sense and moves in order.  Haha.  Anyway, am I and my buddy Kevin the only ones enjoying this or do you like it too? I… Read More »Lazers In Space

You’re Small

Greetings small Fold, I hope you’re enjoying the revitalized hybrid of the old and new in these strips thus far.  I’m able to create them without the use of a computer and scan them all in at once!  w00t.  So, hopefully, computer problems won’t get the best of me! Thanks for all your input! -bman

Escape’d ‘n Robot’d!

Eyes That Cry

Greetings cry-baby Fold! He’s crying.  He’s not explosive diarrhea-ing or whatever else you might think.  So stop thinking it.  I’m not sure if it’s possible for him to cry… but it’s funny. Got a gripe? -bman

Fred’s Voice

Greetings pre-pubescent Fold! I’ve gone back to hand-drawing/and handwriting, so, it maybe time for Fred to reach puberty and his voice to change.  When to bag-puppets hit puberty anyway?  Anyone know? -bman

Parental Figures

Greetings parental Fold! My parents and JB’s parents are wiping sweat from their brow and sighing in relief that they dodged this bullet! -bman


Explanation By JJ Abrams

Greetings caught-up Fold! You have just been served a huge helping of BS straight from the writing desk of JJ Abrams.  He seems to be all about time travel and just making everything OK in the end.  “Of course, that make so much sense that the island would just disappear into time like that…”  Oh… Read More »Explanation By JJ Abrams

Science In Progress

Dear faithful Fold, I apologize for my failings.  Especially after saying that I would make it up to you.  Amidst all the craptasticness of working too much and hardware/software failures… I’m pretty sure I’ll be back on schedule.  As to what that schedule is… I doubt it’ll be 5 times a week.  That’s a bit… Read More »Science In Progress

MTV Cribs

Monday’s Thursday

Greetings time-lost Fold! Not sure where the time went, but I’ll make it up to you. -bman


Greetings confused Fold! What you may not have known was that I work in the nursery at my church.  I’ve wanted to start up a new segment of The Underfold called the “Sunday Edition” for a while, where I create an Underfold comic strip in the nursery, amidst the chaos and kids while they all… Read More »Escaped

JB’s Face!

Greetings face-hiding Fold! 100th EPISODE!  WOOO!!  Hooray for long-formatting!  I told you it’d be EPIC (this way, even if you don’t find it awesome, it’s still SUPER-long)! Now for those of you who are thinking, “Hey, bman said that JB was showing his face in this episode” are completely correct.  However, if you look carefully… Read More »JB’s Face!

JB’s Secret

Greetings secretive Fold! JB’s held onto this secret for a long time, and now, he’s trying to teach his son something… EVEN BETTER THAN THAT:  Tomorrow is the 100th episode!  Normally, with The Simpsons and stuff like that, they have some sort of special guest or do a clip show… but tomorrow, JB is going… Read More »JB’s Secret

Kicked Out Of The Library

Greetings expelled Fold! Sometimes, you just have to get kicked out of the library for your friend.  That’s what friendship is all about.  At least, that’s what my friend told me… -bman

Kate Gosselin Is A Feminist

Greetings over-fertilized Fold! The lesson of the day is that the Gosselin family is CRAZY and don’t be like them.  Oh, and the Octomom is signing on for a reality TV show too.  God help us all. -bman

To Train JB

Greetings friend-training Fold! Everyone dig deep inside yourself and pull out your inner Caesar Milan and train your best friend to not be such a jerk.  Perhaps a good karate chop to the neck? -bman

The Letter Of The Day Is Adultery

Greetings pious Fold! Today’s lesson is about icons.  And if you didn’t get today’s episode… then you didn’t read the books they told you to read in school.  OR, your school was AWESOME. -bman

Quarter Of Hawthorne

Greetings literary Fold! There’s a few people out there balking at this episode.  Saying things like, “Classic Literature is classic… and literature…” or something like that.  Well… it’s also mainly boring and long-winded.  So, that actually includes quite a few of the episodes of The Underfold.  So, where’s the public school systems representative?  I want… Read More »Quarter Of Hawthorne

Faulkner’s Claustrophobia

Greetings truncated Fold! Learning to take the wheel on this shortened version.  It really isn’t that much shorter really.  The smaller panels from the old style just made it seem significantly longer, and it normally just rambled.  Like classic literature. -bman

Fears Of Change

Greetings insensitive Fold! I hope this change isn’t catching you terribly off guard.  I’m actually liking the change quite a bit.  Hope you are too! -bman


Greetings conforming Fold! We’re going to try something different.  The original print version of The Underfold has come to an end, so it’s high time we start embracing the regular format.  So, that’s what I’m trying to do. Soon, there’ll be some updates to the site and such, and hopefully, I’ll start posting like a… Read More »Conformity

The Way Car Dying Should Be

Greetings dedicated Fold! Feeling a bit weird today doing the post.  My transmission crapped out in my car.  Argh.  Oh well.  What’s been sucktastic in your life lately? -bman

Babysitter’s Club

Greetings faithful Fold! Come babysit us on Facebook! Or, help JB babysit Fred on Twitter! Enjoy. -bman

JB Hates America

Greetings patriotic Fold! The fourth of July is so much fun.  Nothing like blowing up stuff to celebrate something! -bman

While You Were Out

Greetings observant Fold! I know some of you are all like, “Whoa, this wasn’t here on Wednesday!”  But, the records show it was… so that’s what matters.  In the meantime, enjoy this late, yet timely episode. -bman

Classic Lemonade Joke

Greetings classic Fold! It’s a classic kind of day.  Enjoy the origin story of an old favorite of mine.  Then go to the store and buy the shirt. It’ll make you and me happy! Two birds, one stone, baby.  That’s how we roll here at The Underfold! -Brian

Wearing Fred

Greetings villainous Fold! I hope you’ll enjoy this tangent with side characters.  I think it’ll be good, and hopefully it won’t suck horribly like Heroes Season 3…  wow…  Gosh I hope not. Anywho, yesterday was my birthday, so, you know.

A Masterful Plan

Greetings non-forgotten Fold! Happy Father’s Day!  No, I didn’t forget.  On the contrary! My dad actually wanted an Underfold shirt for Father’s Day (the Fred shirt).  So, that got me pondering what Fred’s situation was like these days.  So, welcome them all back, my friends. The bad guys!

Two Pies

Greetings joke-telling Fold! This is honestly one of my favorite jokes.  Deal with it.

Musician Decision

Greetings music-loving Fold! Who doesn’t hate jazz music?  Anyway, JB, as it turns out is amazing at both of these instruments, but refuses to make METAL with his gifts…  I tried to tell him that it’s the only way to Heaven, but he didn’t believe me.  Probably because everything that is METAL says otherwise…  too… Read More »Musician Decision

Niche Audience

Greetings database-managing Fold! Let’s show JB what the Fold knows about the “advantages” he speaks of.  Come on, leave your opinions here. Sheesh.

Captain Planet The Movie

Greetings green Fold! Today, I don’t want to spend time elaborating on the comic.  But I will say something short about bad guys in movies.  You just need one main villian, a right hand guy/girl, and henchmen.  Too many bad guys muddles the story and makes everything stupid. Anyway, here’s a website.  It’s totally real.… Read More »Captain Planet The Movie

Hybrid Cars Can’t Swim

Greetings transformative Fold! There’s nothing quite like watching your beloved childhood cartoons become summer blockbusters.  Until it goes horribly awry. I can’t say much about Transformers because it was awesome.  So, I’m really hoping that the second one will be at least as good.  But, I keep hearing people saying things like, “Well, with Michael… Read More »Hybrid Cars Can’t Swim

Harry Potter Ending Spoiler

Greetings bewitching Fold! If you read today’s comic, and you’re like, “That was a pretty big spoiler, bman.  The movies haven’t even come out yet…”  Then, I only have to say one thing:  I’m tired of waiting for you people and the movies.  I got tired of waiting so I read the books. If you’re… Read More »Harry Potter Ending Spoiler

More Fan Art By Pirk

Greetings bagging Fold! This is some awesome fan art from our friend Pirk over at Delinquent Records.  For those of you who don’t know, he drew another strip that I placed up in the Fan Art section that is hidden in the right hand column!  I’ve stuck this comic up there too, but it’s too good not… Read More »More Fan Art By Pirk

lowercase speak

hello casual fold! i will admit that it’s taking a lot of effort not to shift at the end of a sentence.  especially if i was to type “i”.  this is just so wrong.  but, it’s better than the alternative of ALL CAPS! of course, it could be even worse than all lowercase or all… Read More »lowercase speak

The Number Of The Beast

Greetings frightened Fold! I took a very Number 23 approach to today’s episode in honor of our 75th episode.  It just means that we’re 3/4 of the way to 100 episodes which is where everyone else celebrates… But hey, now you know the number of the Beast, so you can watch out for it.  Pretty much… Read More »The Number Of The Beast